Sunday, January 1, 2012


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My eyes and mouth were opened WIDELY ..

My heart skipped BEATSSSSSS ..

How dare he thinks like this!!!

I couldn’t believe it how he believe that nonsense!!

I am gmasha!!! I love you more than anything!! How could you compare yourself with Reema!!!

He thinks I am in love with reema?? He thinks that me and reema in a relationship?? EEEEWW!!! Just 
thinking in that make me want to vomit!!

I tried to calm down and smiled against my will ..

Me: are you serious Rakan? Please tell me you are not!!

Rakan: getlech jawbay eb wuthou7!

Me: ou ham tabeny ajaweb?? Sorry Rakan ana atraffa3 3an elejaba 3ala su’alek elwa9ekh!!!

Rakan: gmasha ..


Rakan: gmashaaa la tlouumeny I saw everythinggg!!

Me: what did youuu see!!! Goully eshh sheft?? Basatny? lamatny? Ag3ad ma3aaha wayed? 
DAAAHHH!!!! Shes my friend!!! Etha enta weyya rab3ek defashaaa fa girls will always be the best 
e7naa RAQEEQEEENN!!! Ouuu gabel laa teshtaa6 wetgouully lets break up FAKKEER!!! If youuu 
do love me you will never ever think of breaking up and you’ll NOT ask me that NASTY question!!!

Seconds of awkward silence ..

Me: you let me down Rakan!!

Rakan: gmasha please fehmeenyy ou 7e6y nafsech mukanyyy!!

Me: I will my dear!! Yesterday you asked me to break up right? and now I am telling you I want to 
break up!!

My eyes filled with tears ..

Rakan: no gmashaa ..

Me: yes Rakaan!!! I cant live with such an incredulous person!! I trusted you but you DID NOT!! I 
loved you but it showed that you did not love me back!!!

Rakan: gmashaa it was a question don’t take it seriously ou I love you more than anything!!!

Me: sorry Rakan I took it seriously and no more me would be in your life , ou your love hatha save it 
for a normal girl , I guess!! Ou thankyou for making me the happiest person someday bye ..

I didn’t give him a chance to talk I just closed it ..

He disappointed me ..

I took a deep breath , closed my teary eyes and laid on my back ..

I was thinking ok what’s next???

How will I say it to manoura? My mom? My dad? Hmm .. I break up with rakan!! Their reaction 
would definitely be how? Why? What happened? My answer? Hmm he thought that am a … AAAHH 
I cant say it!!! Eshhh haal reason efaashel!!!

I looked at my closet ..

I saw an Elie Saab black dress’s bag ..

My dress my lovely imaginary fantastic dress!!!

When will I wear it?

And all of a sudden Rakan called me ..

I hold my mobile ..

My tears was rolling on my cheeks ..

I took my mobile to my lips and kissed his name deeply ..

No more you babe ..

I want to hear his voice so badly but I would never answer!!

He called 3 times and I ignored him ..

But when he called the fourth time I couldn’t hold it ..

Me: a alo

Rakan nervously: ba3ad chan ma radaitaay!! 9arly sena adeg ou 7agratny shakuuu!!

Ok seriously SHAKU RADDA!!!

I ignored his sentence ..

Rakan: radda 3alai 3ashan t7agreeny ya3ni?

Me: sh3endek?

He calmed down ..

Rakan: umm ya3ni ma bethnech may?

 Me: laa’ ma bethny may!!

Rakan: fakray belmawthou3 a36eech majal

Me: fakkart ou khalla9t ou hatha qarary men ghair raj3a

Rakan: 9ij ma teste7een 3ala wayhech!! Ana lama aghle6 6awfay 3al aqal 3ayazt wana a6aweflech 

Me: rakan enek et9adeg chethba nafs hathy tara mu shwayya!

Rakan: bethellena ya3ni?

Me: men elbedaya getlek ma bethny may enta elly tabe tthel 3umrek!

Rakan: mashy

Me: bye!!!

I closed the line!!

His voice was killing me EYANNEN!! Bs thanks god I held myself!

I continued my day without thinking of him I sit with manoura and I was so good el7emdelah ..

Then I went to bed ..

That was my day ..

Its Monday ..

I woke up early wore my pinkish juicy track suit and my hair was tied in a pony tale ..

I went to the college and attended all my classes ,finally ..

In my break I saw Reema ..

I sit with her .. I wasn’t ready to lose one of the most loyal friends for the sake of Rakan ou she didn’t 
make any mistake!! I prefer losing him!!

We sit in *bucks and he was their but in the boys side ..

He saw me but he didn’t have a reaction in his face , in that moment I realized that we are done ..

I saw Raghad too ..

Something inside me wants to kill her!! But I knew that I would never changed the things qaddar allah 
wa ma sha’a fa3al bs I will never ever forgive her ..

I enjoyed my time with Reema under the cold sunny weather drinking my cup of late ..

After finishing all my classes I went back home ..

I took a long nap until it became 4:30pm ..

I woke up took a lovely warm shower and went down stairs to eat something ..

Mom: 9abaa7 elkhaair

I smiled ..

Me: 9aba7 enouuur

Mom: tara dazouulech edazzaa kahyy

I was shocked!!! Whaatt??? Shaaakuuu daazlyyyy!!! We end it up yesterday ou today dazly dazza!!! 
Are you kidding meee??? I am not a small kid 3ashan etsakketnyy bedazza ou elly brasek 
tsawwyyyy!!! Maabeeekk muuu qasebbb!! Actually I do want you bs ma testahelny!!!

Mom: haw shfeeech en9efag wayhech?

I took a deep breath ..

Me: Yuma barou7 adress

I was planning to call stupid Rakaann!!!

Shahad: laa7ga 3al derasa fechaayy khanshoooff

Mnera: khanshouf cham dazeellech hehe

Me: shoufaw ana badres!!

Mom: haw mu 3adla entay fechee ou rou7y dersay haw shfeeechhh??

Me: ok ok

I opened the box ..

There was bukhour, 6eebb, dehen 3ouuud, and a 10,000 Kd check ..

And there was a small Cartier bag which caught my attention ..

I took it slowly and opened it ..

There was a small box it shows that it’s a ring box and there was a folded paper too ..

I opened the small box and found a C de Cartier Platinum, diamond ring it was fabulous but I wasn’t 
happy with it la’anna mu elly brasa esawwyy!!!

It got my family’s admiration ..

I smiled a fake smile for my family and took the box and went to my room ..

I opened the paper immediately ..

His hand writing was killing ..

“You are my dearest person in this world so can you appreciate that and accept my order?

Mushi .. will you marry me?”

awhh how cute!!! I forgot everything and just smiled ..

He’s so romantic ..

Honestly I LOVE HIM!!

I called him automatically ..

I felt his smile ..

Rakan: 6aa7 el7a6ab??

Me shyly: getlek men gabel enta t6ayye7 6akhar

Rakan: yaa haala bel zaaaain

Me: hala feeekk

Rakan: 3jebech elkhatam?

Me: wana mqamtha ya3jebny men 9ijek??

Rakan: 9ij wallah?

Me: kafy mennekk

Rakan: sub7aan mughayer ela7waaal

Me: walla elly glta kella mu men galby tara ana 3ala 6raaiff!!!

Rakan: I knew that I chose the right girl allah la ya7remny

Me: wala ya7remny

Rakan took a deep breath ..

Rakan: mushi?

Me: 3youn mushi

Rakan: a7ebbech

Me: amouuut 3alaaaikkk

Jeeteny methl eljenoun ou youm faragtek 3agalt hak shefny be3t 3agly ou jeet bejnoun atba3ak


  1. Magdar asta7mil rakan!! O gamosha maskena 3ala neyat'ha. Btw great post as always, keep them coming;*

  2. :''') !!
    W raghad mal 6rag.. Akrahaaaaaa!! Welle3afech 6al3ay 7obat mushi fehaaa !
    I LOVED THE PART !!! W chench matadreen nazlay el 3rd part elyom ;p

  3. N: looool he's a good man;p eeehhh<3 thaankyouuu my deaarrr;*

    Ayoula: hahaha still you dont knw who told him dont judge people hehe;p THANKYOU THANKS ALOTTT<3! Loool too muchhh;$

  4. For a moment e5traaa3t, 9ar feeni la ma yswa they break up!!

    Thank you for the post:***

  5. GREAAAAAATT!! 7aaddyy estanast;$ LOVE THE POST!!!!!
    thaaaaaankuuuuu forr postiinngg;*****


  6. Anonymous: loooool yes 7aramm;p No neeed lovely;**

    Ay: HELLOOO!! hehehe hathaaa elma6louuub;p thaankyouuu and NO NEEEEDDD LOVE<3!! love youu too;*

  7. Omg i love it so much !! I love ur stories theyreso addicting i cant wait for the next part i love the love between rakan & gmasha theyre so cute& i wish there are no problms and that they get married because im sure that theyre such a cute couple with all of this love. Love your work keep it up:*

  8. THANKYOUUUUU Anonymous!!!! you made my day by your lovely sweet comment;******* .. i love your comment moooore;$ i will;*

  9. What happened to you missy? I'm waiting eagerly for your next post! Its my first time commenting but I really do love your blog and I've been reading it for soooo long, possibly from the first week you started! -AnonymousLucky#7

  10. Exaaams ya 3al maku examsss:(!! walla ya anonymouslucky#7 your comment stimulated me ou yimkin enshallah i post today for my lovely silent reader "you" wallaahhh wanasteny eb ur comment thaaanksssss<3!!