Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From never till forever .. introduction

Here's the introduction of my new story "from never till forever" which is talk about an arrogant girl who's fell in love mandatory ..

small post but try to ENJOY IT<3 ..

My name is shahad I’m 22 years old ..

Last year at Kuwait university ..

I am Kuwaiti and half Saudi ..

I love being in Kuwait more than being in Saudi Arabia because of the freedom and liberation here ..

I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers ..

All of my sisters got married from my cousins!!

One of my brothers passed away before 3 years by heart failure and guess what? he was in love with 
one of my cousins too!! I hate these retardation traditions!!

My brother Salem is studying accounting in San Diego I HOPE he married an American!

My father is a successful businessman ..

I am Bedouin from a well known Bedouin family and PROUD ..

My story started in the by force registration day ..

 On Monday morning ..

I woke up at 5:00 am get it? AM??? Because I have to register by force ou elwath3 la7eg la tla7eg!! 
SMILE its Kuwait university .. Actually they must call it by begging!!

I took a quick shower and wore my pinkish royal LA velour pant from juicy with my white basic V 
neck tee also from juicy and my navy blue classic toms with my Balenciaga giant rose gold part time 
atlantique blue bag , my hair was wavy ..

Then I headed to my college ..

When I arrived ..

Sama: hiii

Me: hii wain etasjeel?

Sama: menak emshay

I followed her and we went to the place elly ensajel fee elmada elly abghaha ..

On my way ..

Someone called 3aysha called me ..

Aysha: shahad shakhbarech?

I smiled that fake smile and carry on walking ..

Aysha: ahh such an arrogant

Me: and proud

When we arrived to the place we took a number why? Because we have to wait!! What was my 
number? 77!! What was the time? 7:30 am!! IMAGINE!!!

After a long waiting and when its finally my turn ..

Someone ma yeste7yy dash gablyy!!! Bedoun la yentether!!

I looked at him in a vile gaze!!

Me: UFFFF!!!

Luw ma kan rajjal ou mqattr ou 6oul eb 3arth kan ma khallaita!!

He: asef degeega bs

I was holding a paper ou ga3d ekallem el dr.

I hate was6aa!!!!

Its my turn ..

Me: abe 3end Dr. yousif please

There was two doctors were doing the registration one of them was a male and the other one was a 
female I will call her S7AILA instead of her name ..

The dr.: enshallah benty bs degega

The dr. to s7aila: yaboun 3end doctor yousif

S7aila: maku 3enda full

Me: hmm ok mu meshkela khal ashouf awqat el dekatra ethaneen

The dr. gave me the paper ..

When I looked at the doctors times they wasn’t suit my schedule ..

Me: dector ma yamshi ma3ay ella Dr. yousif!

The dr.: wallah madry ya bnayte tefahemy ma3aha

S7aila: 3end yousif no way!

Me: there is way!!

S7aila: gelt la rou7ay ou fes7y e6erej 7g ghairech

Me: la tkalmeny ketha!! Ana mu chethy ekalmony ok?

She ignored my sentence!!! OH MY GOD HOW DARE SHE!!!!!

I looked at the dr. ..

Me: eshloun?

The dr.: ma bedy shay bnayte

I became nervous!!!!!

Sama: shahoud ghayray wagt mada thanya maku ella chethy!

Me: abe 3end dector yousif!!

Sama: e3nadech mara7 efeedech ghayry shay thany khalas

Me: ana ma kan ehemny ay dector bs al7een abee dector yousif e3nad 3ala s7aila ok?

Sama: oh my god!

I found one of the qawa’em girls ..

Me: abe asajel 3end dr. yousif maku ela ohwa enasebny ou s7aila mu rathya shloun??

Ghaida: men 9ijech rou7y makteba yebay muwafaqaa 7adda ma ygoul shay!

Me: 6ayeb fain makteba?

Ghaida: emshy awadech

Me and sama followed ghaida to Dr. yousif’s office ..

Sama: ya36ech el3afya

Ghaida: walaw 7ayyakum

Me: ma9la7a tabena n9awet laaha

Sama: deshy bs deshay

I entered his office wella there was a secretary ..

Me: wain dr. yousef?

The secretary: mawjoud tfathelay

I entered his office ..


He was the same man elly khatha my turn!!!

Al7een kaif bedakhelny 3enda 3ugub ma naffast 3alaihhh ..

Yarab ekoun mu mthabbetnyyy ..

Me: dector

Yousif: ohh mu entay mesa3 kentay ta7at tsajlen


Me: eee khair?

Yousif: khair? Entay elly khair shtabeen?

Me: dector min elsa3a 7:30 ana hena ou lama jaa dory ma rethaw asajel 3endek ohwa mu 7uban feek 
bs ma ynasebny ella ent so dakhelnyy

Yousif smiled: shfeech m3a9baa?

Me: hah mu m3a9ba

Yousif: enzain shesmech?


Me happily: shahaaad

Yousif: aks kbeeeer


  1. hhhhhhhhh OMG loving it from now bs 7lelha shahad :''''(

    Greaaaat post!!!!!
    Post sooon plz!:)

  3. Anonymous: looool thaaaankyouuu gogo<3

    Anonymous: loool thaaankyouu<3! i will maybe today:D

  4. shahad itnarfiz... :s Madri laysh

  5. 7abeeeeeby diktoooooor yousef❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Efff y7er ygooool asef dgega bas ba3ad������❤️❤️❤️