Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hello beauties;* 

please everyone who read this part i want a demand from you;$

tomorrow will be my final exam and it will be at 8:00 am!!!!!

so WISH ME LUCK pleasee ed3ouully;$

i will be appreciate it wallah;*


Me: ent men 9ijjek tetkallam?? Shinu elly maq9ouba rakan shfeek?? Gumt tkharbe6 tara!

Rakan: a3outhu bella men eshai6an erajeem ensay ensay khalas

Me: laa 7asha mant 6abee3y

Rakan took a deep breath: astaaghferu allah eel3atheem

I calmed down ..

Me: rakan shesalfa?

Rakan: maku shay

Me: eshfeek 3ala reema?

Rakan: la bas kent as’al laish kela ehya?

Me: shasawwi ehya elwa7eeda elly a7es’ha t7ebny lellah

Rakan: enzain enzain khalas

What’s wrong with him! Yalaitny dasha nadi elfurouseya beskat ma hagaita eb yetwattar chethy ..

 I left him and went to my class ..

In BBM ..



Kashkash .. a7ebek ya 3asa tebga neseeby;*:

Hala walah



Kashkash .. a7ebek ya 3asa tebga neseeby;*:



Lama te6le3een come to *bucks am waiting you there

Kashkash .. a7ebek ya 3asa tebga neseeby;*:


After finishing my class I went to Reema in *bucks ..

Raghad was drinking her lemon freeze there ..

I sit with Reema ..

Reema: hala hala

Me: ya hala ou mas’hala

Reema: ha geltay 7g obouch?

Me: shagoullaa??

Reema: 3ann nadi elfurouseyya

Haa? Actually I did tell him and he was ok with it but the big problem was with RAKAN!!!

Me: hmmm eee gal befakker

Reema: haha awal marra el3ada kella ee

Me: haha ee 7esadtooo bs la enna hashay mu 3adi eena ye7taj tafkeer

I think khalait’ha t9adeg:D!

Reema: haha la 7aram 3alaich bs 9a7 kalamech

Its time to tell her ..

Me: reema

Reema: amray

Me shyly: enkha6abt

Reema was shocked!!

She looked at me in “are you serious?” gaze ..

Me: haw shfeechh?

Reema: chathabaa!!!

Me shyly: wallah walah

Reema: la la you MUST be joking!!

Me: reema walaahhh

Reema came to my side and hugged me while her eyes were full of tears..

Reema in hesitating voice: ma .. mabrouk

Me shyly: 7ayaatee allah ybarek feech

Reema: enzain minu?

Me: reema shfeech chhenech mu mestansa?

Reema: la bel3aaks

Me: hmm

Reema: minu ohwa 3aad?

Me shyly: Rakan Al*******

Reema: Rakaan maghaira?? Mashallahh

Me: et3arfena??

Reema: minu ma y3arfaa

Me: shakuu!

Reema: maskena entay ohwa 7elm kel bent tadres hny

Me: haw!! Wentay?

Reema: laa shaku

3ayal how did he know her!

I smiled ..

Reema: bs walla kashkash omech da3yatlech

Me: eshda3wa

Reema: walla gamoush mashalah 3alaih sha6er ou mamlou7 ou sayarta g-class ou ..

Me: la Panamera

Reema: 9ij? Yemkin ghayyarha

Me: enzain entay shdarach 3annaa

Reema: gamousha shfeech? Elkel e3arfa! Ya3ni etha enteshar khabar khu6betech 3adi tenshahrain 
beljam3a haha

Me: abaaaihhh shda3wa wallah!!! Ou entay laish ma tetkalemain 3anna weyay laish elkel e3arfa ella 

Reema: madri walah

We kept on talking in several topics until she came ..

Raghad: mabrouk

I tried to smile on her face because regardless she’s my friend!

Me: allah ybarek feech

Raghad: believe me it would never lasts for too long

I couldn’t ignored her sentence because problems had already started ..

Me: raghad shhabbabtay?

Raghad: 9adgeeny gamoushaa

Me: raghad walla 3aib 3alaich!!

Raghad simply ignored me and left ..

I was almost going crazy ..

Reema: eshfeeha?

Me: madri walla madri!!

I took my stuff and stood up to leave ..

Reema: wain wain?

Me: barou7!!

Reema was complaining “min 9ijech? Tsadgen raghdo? Khatwally .. etc.”

I ignored her sentence and left!!

On my way to my car I called Rakan ..

My tears were about to dropping ..

 He picked it up ..

Rakan: alo

I hesitated to tell him about Raghad I don’t know why but maybe I didn’t want to make it big issue ..

Me: a .. alo

Rakan: shfeech?

No no no!! hatha mu rakan elly a3arfaa!!!

Me: mafeni shay

Rakan: ok

Hmm ..

Seconds of an awkward silence ..

Me: enzain?

Rakan: mashghoul ana a7achech 3ugub!

He closed the line ..

Seriously what is going on!!!!



I went back home and my car was filled with 100 question marks fell from my head!!

I was wondering!! Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt him?

After two weeks elmelcha ou chethy 7alatna efff!!!

I went to my bed covered myself with the blanket and slept!

At 4:00 pm I woke up 3ala my mobile tone wella it was Rakan ..

Me in a sleepy voice: alo

Rakan took a deep breath: hala wallah

Me: hala feek

Rakan: gmasha

Ok aftar gamousha moushi resaina 3ala gmasha in a nafseyya voice!!

Me: na3am!

He didn’t reply ..

Me: na3am???

Rakan: its ok shaklech nayma khala9

Me: ok tawek testaw3eb eny nayma?? Rakan shfeek goully!!

Rakan: khalas wala shay dag as’al 3anech

Me: mu chethy tes’al 3ani ma ta3awadt 3ala hal 6areqa wala abe at3awad please

Rakan: faman allah

He closed it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He closed it eb KEL BUROUD!!!

Is he planning to kill me or something!!!


Gaa3da astekheff men hal walaadd!!!!

Astaghferu allah el3atheeeeem!!!

I took a long shower ..

Then I went to the kitchen and ate some dark chocolate seriously I need some relaxation!!!

I went back to my room and tried to call him but he IGNORED ME!!!


Laa jaad ohwa yestaahbel!!!!!

Suddenly my mom entered my room ..

Mom: gamousha shrayech tbadlen nrou7 nshouflech nafnouf 7g elmelcha

Me nervously: mabe!

Mom: emshay madam ma3endech shay maku wagt

Me nervously: YUMMA MA ABEE!! Mabee nafnouf wala abee ajahhez mabee shay okkk????

Mom: haw shfeech?? Sh9aayerrr?

My eyes started to tear ..

I leaned on my lap and started to cry hardly ..

My mom came and hugged me from the side ..

Mom: shfeech ya 7abeebty?

Me: mafeny shay

Mom: shloun mafech shay ou kel hal dmou3 ya mama?

Me: khalleny cham degeega ou ahda

Mom: 3ala ra7tech

She left my room ..

Manoura came to my room after my mom left ..

Ashkara omy galatlaha ..

Mnera: eshfeeeech???

Me: maadryy shfeeenyyy

Mnera: goulelly shfeech!! Ana tkhesheen 3alay?

Me: entay etkhasheen 3alay shay?

Mnera: laaa!!

Me: 3ayal gouleelly shfeeny jaad abee a3aref shfeenyy??

Mnera: haaw shesalfaa??

Me: ana akharbe6? Qaleelat adab? Men7arfaa? Ana shinuuu??

Mnera: entay such a beautiful rare gamousha

Me: I hope I am!!

Mnera: you are!

Me: I hope I am in his eyes!!

Mnera: shgayelech?

Me: atmanna ygoul!!

Mnera: shemsawelech??

Me: maadry manoura ajle elmawthou3 please ajly magdaar atkallam walla walla

Mnera: meta ma tegderen just call

Me: ok!

She left my room ..

I stopped tearing ..

My face was straight face!

My mind was full of unanswered questions ..

It couldn’t stop thinking until I slept ..

That was my day ..

Its Friday ..

I woke up at 8:00 am I was sleepless ..

I went down stairs ..

Nobody was awake just Lata ..

I asked her for a scrambled egg with cold milk ..

I ate my breakfast in front of the TV ..

After an hour my mom woke up and then the hole family did ..

I decided to send Rakan an SMS ..

“we need to talk”

Ok he didn’t reply my message!! One word YAHEL!!

We went to the Friday gathering and like always they were talking in everyone’s back while I was 
absent minded with whimsical Rakan!!!

Hmm nothing new he didn’t call he didn’t reply my message!!



That was my day ..

Its Saturday ..

Please Saturday pass faster I need Sunday so badly I need to talk to HIM!!


Saturday passed slower than a turtle an unusually!!!

I spent it with thinking thinking and thinking ..

Read the previous sentences again ..

Yes Saturday passed SLOWLY and I spent it in thinking ..

Could you please imagine how did I waste my time in thinking of him???

And in contrast? NOTHING!!!

That was my .. day ..

Its Sunday ..

I woke up early wore any stupid thing and went to the college .. yes I was in hurry to meet him!!

I went to the college ..

I sit in the circle expecting to see him ..

Until Reema came to me ..

Reema: ohh shemga3dech hny?

Me: ga3daa

Reema: mu 3endech class?

Me: skip!

Reema: emshay starbucks abe akel

Me: hmm laaa

Reema: please!!

Actually my stomach couldn’t hold “akel” word ..

I was starving!!!!!

I didn’t eat anything from yesterday’s lunch!

Me: ok

I went with reema and we sit outside ..

We talked about everything ..

She gave for me the chance to talk about Rakan ..

Since I started I couldn’t stop ..

I opened my heart to her ..

She was listening carefully ..

I felt comfortable ..

She was so kind with me ..

She grieved on me and wiped my tears ..

She showed me that she really care of me ..

Suddenly I saw Rakan ..

He was staring on us ..

I turned my face to reema ..

Me excited: reema kahu barou7 akalmaa!!

Reema: ofcourse!!

She kissed one cheek of mine ..

Reema: good luck

I smiled and went to him ..

Me: rakan

Rakan: gmasha

Me: bakalmek

Rakan: emshay

I followed him to the garden ..

Me: rakan shesalfa please goully shfeek?

Rakan: gmashaaa

I was awaiting ..

Rakan: let’s break up!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


The days passed slower than a camel in Kuwait desert ..

But we were so patient ..

Our relationship became stronger ..

And our love was daily growing ..

Its Wednesday ..

I woke up at 9:00 am, wore my gray GAP pullover with my river island dark jeans and my yellow 
hunter boot, my hair was tied into “kubba” ..

I went to the college with Reema because long time we didn’t see each other  ..

I attended all my classes ..

Suddenly I saw Rakan ..

I smiled automatically ..

Rakan smiled back ..

Rakan: esalamu 3alaikum

Me: wa3alaikum esalam

Rakan: shlounech?

Me: el7emdellah ent shlounek 3asa meste3ed 7g elyoum

Rakan giggled: shaste3ed

Me: madry hehe

Rakan: ha khalastay classatech??

Me: eee radda elbait? Shloun quizek?

Rakan: walah tamam, entay bashry shloun ederasa?

Me: tamaam, yalla 3ayal akhalleek ana refeejty tan6erny

Rakan: wain betrou7oun?

Me: wala mukan betwa9elny baitna ana yayya ma3aha

Rakan: laish ana awa9lech

Me: haw laa may9eerr

Rakan: sem3ay tara benkhally elmelcha lesbou3 elyay kaifech

Me laughed: abaih laa ma sharait wala shay 7aram 3alaik 3a6ni facha ajahhez tawna mkhal9een exams

Rakan giggled: 3ashan ma7ad ewa9lech ghairy

Me: hehehe eee e9eer khair, yalla 3ayal ana bamshy

Rakan: allah y7afthech

Me: ma3asalama

I left him and went to Reema’s car ..

Reema: hala waalla

Me: hala feech

Reema: gamoush shrayech ndesh nady furouseyya?

Me: nady furouseyya??

Reema: eeeh endesh eb 3e6lat erebee3

Me: allahh wanasaaa bs ana akhaf

Reema: 3adi kho e3almounna

Me: wanassaaa agoul 7g obouy ou aredlech khabar

Reema excited: ok , ella ta3alay shakhbar raghad men6efy thekerha?

Me: madry wallah

Reema: gamousha shesalfa?

Me: maku salfa

Reema: met’hawsheen?

Me: eehh

Reema: laishhh??

Shall I tell her the truth?

Me: bss

Reema: gamoushh shesalfaa!!

Me nervously: agoullech 3ugub khalaas!!

Reema: gamousha laish tkhesheen 3alay!

Me: ma khashait shay gelna bagoullech khalas 3ad

Reema ignored my sentence ..

She looked mad!

Bs e9ara7a tawenas akhaf agoullaha we9eer shay allah la ygoul ou yenga9 wayhe!!

I arrived home at 12:30 ..

My mom was sitting in the living room ..

Mom: gamousha

Me: halaa

Mom: ta3ly ba7acheech

I went to her ..

Mom: elyoum beyoun elreyayel tadreen wela nasyaa

Me giggled: ou de 7aga tetnesy yumaa

Mom: ee ou meta nkhally elmelcha t’hagain?

Me: hmm ya3ni 3ugub shahar?

Mom: walla ana ma 3endi mushkela bs akhaf ohwa ma yertha

Me: minu ohwa?

Mom giggled: elkha6eeb

Me smiled: ahh rakan? Ee ee yimkin

Mom: shoufay e7na ngoul 7g obouch egoulehum 3ugub shahar ou 3ad etha ma rethaw 3ugb esbou3ain 
egoulehum shrayech?

Me: hmm Yuma ana ma sharait dress wala jahhazt wala shay

Mom: ee rou7ay al7een sh3endech?

Me: akheth manoura?

Mom: la la yam3awda ekhtheny ana wella 7e9a ekhtech manour maku thouq

Me giggled: 7aram 3alaich

Mom: yalla arou7 abadel ou enrou7 ok?

Me: ok

After mom had finished we went to Salhiya complex 3ashan ajahhez ..

I bought some dresses and tops but I didn’t fined something for the melcha!

At 7:00 pm ..


“fershy ezal el a7mar Rakanech we9al”

I went to the front window ..

I saw him nazel from his Panamera with 2 men and there was 3 men nazlen from a white BMW ..

I smiled automatically ..

He looks amazing like always ..

Navy blue deshdasha with white shmaq ma 7alaw ella 3alaih ..

There was 5 men with him but he was the prettiest ..

I sent him back ..


“hehe , I saw you;$”

I went back to my room, laid on my bed and waiting ..

I was happy because the dream is coming true ..

The men were down stairs to confirm the engagement ..

Ahhh  chenny hawwant ou abe elmelcha tomorrow!!

Seriously I can’t wait anymore for being him ..

Suddenly manoura entered my room ..

Mnera: yaah yaahhh

Me giggled: shinuu?

Mnera: ta7at yaw elrayayeel ma tadreen?

Me: embaalaa gally rakan

Mnera: haahaha ya7laila way gamoush ma9addeg ena mara7 e9eer aku gamousha belbait

Me: t9adgeen mafakkart eb hashay ma fakkart enny ra7 afgedech

Mnera: ana 3ayall ma anam elail bs afakker feech ana mat7amal a3eesh beounech

Me: 7abeebty 7ettan ana wallah bss la tkhafeen kel youm ra7 akalmech ana maly ghairech

Mnera: matkhayyal enny bajabel shosho ou bs

Me: 7aram sshosho 7abeeba bs e7na mu ma36enha wayh

Mnera: hmmm ta3alay eb taskinoun eb bait’hum?

Me: weddiii 3al aqal 7asas etha 6ala3

Mnera: laa etha 6ala3 ta3aleelly ma yabellaha ba3ad

Me: afa 3alaich

Mnera: wallah yalait taskenoun eb bait’hum chan 6eg ou jabel

Me: eee greeeb

Mnera: omy tnadech

Me: na3aaaaaam

Mom: ta3alay

We went down stairs me and manoura where mom and dad were sitting ..

Dad: mabrouk muqadaman

Me smiled: allah ybarek feek

Mom giggled: tara 7adedaw elmelcha 3ugub esbou3en


Dad: ee wallah getlehum 3ugub shahar bs elwalad ma bagha

Me: 3adi mu meshkela

Mnera: yuba etefaqtaw 3al mahar?

Mom: maddeya manourr

Dad: la walla efteshalt wella gally obouh cham taboun getla elly eye menkum rathen feeh

Me: ee zain tsawwi

Mom: shakelhum mara7 yebkheloun

Dad: eeh embayyen 3alaihum khoush nas ou elwalad hatha ana erte7t lah allah ysakhra lech ya bnaytee

Me shyly: amen

After a while ..

I left them and went back to my room ..

There was red light glowing in my mobile ..

I smiled ..

Of course its from Rakan ..

I looked at my mobile ..

Wella it’s a file from HIM!

And here it is ..

Jeet lek ya gmasha men laheeb shougy ou nara

Ou 7a6aitek fe galby elly wujoudech feh zad megdara

Walla eny men elshoug keny 6efel farag dyara

Ou Jety enty ou 7athanteh ou 9erty azyad men aw6ana

Jayyek ana elyoum lajel abasherek bsharah

Abshery ya munyat erou7 rakan kha6ab ou zanat agdara

Ou el bsharaa hey enna merta esemaha gmashaa

Isn’t he the cutest guy in Kuwait??

How lovely!!

The poetry was amazing and his voice was imaginary ..


“yabaaakht gmashaa eb rakan jad jad ya bakht’haa!!”


“wel 3aks 9a7eee7 believe me!”


Rakan was calling me ..

Me: aloo

Rakan: hala  bel zaaain

Me: shinu hathaaa shinu hatha ya rakaan

Rakan: mu gadrech gamousha

Me: gadry sheft akthar menna minek 9adegny

Rakan: mara7 a9adeg

Me shyly: kaifek

Rakan: ya7laila obouch sam7

Me: hehe ee obouy 3ala neyyata

Rakan: eee allah ykhallee lena

I liked it when he said “lena” instead of “lech” ..

Me: amen

Rakan: 7addy mestanes el7emdellah

Me: mu kethryyy

Rakan shyly: hahaha

Me: eee badesh nady furouseyya 7adda 3ajeeb

Rakan: shinuuu??

Me: shinu shinu hehe

Rakan: sh7aggaa?

Me: bs meshtahya badesh weya reema refejty

Rakan: la la la tdesheen

Me: ee laishhh?

Rakan: bs la tdesheen

Me: haw rakan!! Ana gelt 7g obouy ou ohwa retha

Rakan: enzain?

Me: ya3ni abe adesh

Rakan: ou ana gelt la’

Me: enzain goully sabab muqne3

Rakan: entay laish ma tesme3en elkalam?

Me: besmellaahh hathy men awwalha chethyy men 9ijek??

Rakan: gmasha shakelna eb nakhtemha eb hosha fa ensakra a7san faman allah

He closed the line!!

Oh my god! Was he serious!! Come on kella nady furouseyya wetha etha dashait ya3ni!!! Ou 
elmushkela he had no reason!!


I went to bed ou 7addi metnarfeza menna e6la3at el7achara 3ad!!

That was my day ..

Its Thursday ..

I woke up early, wore my H&M beige loose high neck with my forever 21 black lagging and my 
Bereshka brown boot .. my hair was tighed into a bony tale ..

I went to the college ..

In my break I saw rakan ..

I went to him and smiled ..

Yaraab e6ee7 el7a6ab ..

Rakan: hala hala

Me: shlounek?

Rakan: el7emdelah

Me: el7emdelah

Awkward silence ..

Me: eshfeek?

Rakan: mafeny shay

Me: khalas ba6alna many dasha!!

Rakan: la la kaifech

Me: shfeek mu 6abe3yyy

Rakan: eshma3na ma3a reema?


Me: wetha?

Rakan: laish kelshay ma3a hal bent maku ghairhaaa??

Me: ou ya3ni ma3a reema? a9lan sh3arefek eb reema? 

Rakan: entay maq9ouba 3alay? laish wafaqty 3alay? etha ma tabeny just say it!!


Monday, December 19, 2011


My face became hot ..

I was smiling like crazy ..

I ran to my mom immediately ..

Me: yummaaa

Mom: ha yumma

Me shyly: etelefon yabech

7essa: haw shfeech

Malgoufa ekhty!!

Me: 7essa shfech m6ay7a 3endena wain raylech??

7essa: chubbay

I followed my mom to the living room ..

She was marveling from my extra happy face ..

Mom: alo

Mom: wa3alaikum esalam

Mom: ee ee hala hala wallah ya hala ou mar7aba

Mom: wallah tamam ebkhair entw shlounkum?

Mom giggled: eeh ba3ad 3umrii

Mom: la enshallah akallemha ou enred lekum khabar

I couldn’t stop smiling!!!

Mom: ee la waladkum ne3ma etarbeya ou ma7ad e3oufa bs tadren lazem nes’alha


Mom: enshallah 3ala khair

Mom: 7ayyach allahh ma3asalama

She closed it ..

I looked at her and smiled ..

Me: shinuu?

Mom: eb themetech ma tadreen?

Me shyly: shinu ohwa?

7essa: yumma shakelhum khu6aab

Mom: eee ee khu6ab

7essa: 7g minu??

Mom: 7g manoura

My heart skipped a beat ..

I was shocked!!!

Om Rakan laish takh6eb manouraaa!! 7g minuuu!! 9uhaib ou mu93ab 9ghaaar!!!

Gallyy asheel el telephone 3ashan e7ernyy!!!

My eyes started to tear ..

How vile is he!!

Mom: we we we shfee 3younech ghoregatt ath7ak weyyach daggeen 7aggech entaay

I smiled automatically ..

Me laughed: yuumma shhal 7arakaat galbi 6a7 eb ba6nii!!

My mom hugged me ..

Mom: ya 7alat’hum waalla

Me: khallaiteeny a9adeg

Mom: te7ebena??


Me shyly: mu eb mafhomech bs erte7t laah

7essa giggled ..

Mom: ya3ni ngoulehum eyounn?

Me shyly: eeh

7essa: gamousha mu chenna mbacher?

Me: shinu ohwa??

7essa: tawenas 3alzawaj la7gaa

Me: haw bakamel 21 mu yahel!!

7essa: qasdi ne6ray takharrejay ba3dain tezawejay

Me: bas bas la tafgereny khal eyouun ou yakh6ebuony ou namlech ou ntezawaj ba3dain qarreray!

7essa: way Yuma bentech feeha 6ufaaga!! Ana tezawajt wanaa 23 ou metkharja men eljam3a ou ham 

Mom: eee ne6ry 3alaiha la7ga 3al te9erwe3 kho ma9ar shay

Ma3qoula ra7 at9arwa3?? At9arwa3 weyya rakan? Laishh!!

Ahhh I was over the moon!!!

I went back to my room ..

I saw my mobile wella 2 missed calls from Rakan ..

I took my mobile ,closed my eyes and kissed his name deeply!!!

Then I called him back ..

Rakan was frequently laughing ..

I laughed automatically ..

After seconds of crazy laughing ..

Rakan: shrayech feeny wana dag 3ala baitkum

Me laughed: 7emeshhh

Rakan laughed back ..

Me: waaay waay faashlaaaa

Rakan: omy tgoully raddat 3alay bent shaysha men a7ad shakelha KAAAAAK

Me: law tadri enna halbent ehya gmashaa hahahaha

Rakan laghed: hastart the7ek 3ala omy tukfain shgeltellahaa

Me while laughing: gelt “shhaal 7arakat tara 3aaib”

Rakan laughed: 9ej enech jelelat 7aya chethy tgoulen 7ag khaltech

Me: haahahaha laa tshouf wayhe lamma galat “aloo” 9ar feeny yaa arth ebla3y ma 3alaikyy

Rakan laughed: film wallaaa film

Me: aaakhh

Rakan: amana el7araka mu nar??

Me giggled: eee eee nar hahaha bs shhal 7arakatt?

Rakan: ya3ni surprise hahaha

Me: men na7yat surprise fa ohwa 9ij surprise

Rakan: e3jebech?

Me: 7ail

Rakan: 3ayal ma shefty shay

I blushed!!!

Rakan: sem3ay men al7een agoulech temeqe6 min elkhe6ba lai elmelcha ma naby ana  a3arfech 
wet3arfeny shmala le6wala?

Me shyly: la la rakan lazem nteghallaah

Rakan: taghallay 3ugb el3ers

Me: Rakan?

Rakan: 7etta esmy la ja mennaha asme3a ghaairr

Me shyly: min minu??

Rakan: min 7abeebty sh3endechh??

Adry inna he meant me by “7abebty” ..

Me: ahaaa ok ahaa

Rakan: ma tghareen??

Me: laishh aghar shaku feekum

Rakan: haaa shaku feeenaaa

Me: eeehh

Rakan: 7abebty esemha gmasha yal hoyaaa

Me shyly: adrii

Rakan giggled: fahmeen ou 3arfeeen bs nesta3be6

Me: hahahaa

Rakan: enzain shbaghaitay?

Me shyly: la la tes’al chethy es’alny eb 6areqa more romantic hahaha

Rakan while laughing: labbaaaihh

Me: ashouff aku kalam 7elu eb ur dictionary men waaaiinnn haa? Ou laish ma ye6la33??

Rakan: tawni msawwella download eb mukhy men 3araftech heheh ba3dain ta7achy 3adel ga3d ashem 
ree7at sekana murta ana

Me giggled: laaa laaa wallaa ana mu chethyy amza7 amzaa7 hahahaa

Rakan: hahaha tamze7eeen 3aad? Hahaha enzain labbaih sh3endech goulay

Me shyly: walaht 3alaik

Rakan: wana elyoum shayef minuu?? Minu elly kashkha elyouum minu hathyy??

Me: etha hal degeegtain kaffetek ana ma ktefait ou walaht 3alaik shloun?

Rakan smiled ..

Rakan: allah la ya7remyny

Me: etha kha6abtny ou yaw elreyayeel ba3dain she9eer?

Rakan: may9eer shay thegat khelg fachethy khan3ajjel bel melcha

Me giggled: la la  9ij

Rakan: ra7 akalmech jeddam enaaass ou ag3ad ma3ach kelshay 3ainy 3ainek hhahaha

Me: WOOW!! Nothing new haha lazem ma tgoul jedam enas goul jedam el ahal

Rakan: hatha ohwa

Me: rakan meta awwal marra sheftny feeha?

Rakan: awwal marra ahh ya awwal marra

Me shyly: shinuuu?

Rakan: 13/12/2010 sheftech ga3da bel square

I was SHOCKED!!!! Before one yeaarrr?????

Me: last year???

Rakan: shefty shloun ana 9abourr

Me: la la 9ij wallah men shahar 12 esena elly 6afat?

Rakan: eee wallah!! 9ij entay mu mla7tha?

Me: KELLESH!! Enzain laish tawek tkalemny??

Rakan: kentay 9gheera ou ana magdar atzawaj ella lama atkharraj fa gelt tawenas ou 9abbart nafsy!

Me: aabaaihh sena kamlaaaa?

Rakan: 3ayal? 7asbalech eb tharf esbou3 7abaitech?

Me: abaaaihhh 7addek 9edamtny

Rakan: wallah kent kel ma ashoufech artebek ou bs akhez fech shda3wa ma la7athtay??

Me: laaa wallah el3atheem ana tawni esena la7athtek wallah ou ma kent adry ena fe shay eb galbek ley

Rakan: kent kel ma aye bakalmech at3awath men blees ou amsek 3umri

Me: abaih wallah many m9adgaa!!! Ou shel 7elu feeny shma3na anaa men bed kel hal banaat!!

Rakan: entay unique!! Maku menech wayed shay nader!!

Me shyly: shloun?

Rakan: awwal ma sheftech 3youny mu rathya twakher 3anech galbi kan egoully shes the one ou aku 
shay dakhly ele7 3alay abeeha abeeha ou youm 3an youm hashay ezeeed

I smiled ..

Rakan: 9ebart lain allah 7a6 7ajtech 3endi ou 3araftech

Me: youm elawrag?

Rakan: eehh youmha 3araft esmech

Me shyly: 7etta ana

Rakan: tara el awrag ma kanat 3endi bs yebt’hum men ta7t elarth

Me: waaaayy zouuuqa abaaihh mashkouuuur!!!

Rakan: walaaw hatha wala shay walahh!!

Me happily: akhh!!

Rakan: mushi


Me: amer

Rakan: I cannot keep all this burden inside me any longer!! I need to get it out of my system!!

Me shyly: go ahead babe I’m hearing you!

Rakan: I am deeply in love with her!!!

I blushed!

Rakan: wallah I love her to death!! You think she do too??

Me: ofcourse she do!!! Hatha su’al??

Rakan: I can’t imagine my life without her I need her beside me!!

Me: she do too!!

Rakan: I just I cant wait for her to be mine I really cant! Please let her help me and lets make it faster!!

Ohh no I’m still not ready babe!!

Me: yes yes she will try her best I promise

Rakan: thankyou for listening I am feeling comfortable now

Me: hahahaha

Rakan smiled ..

Rakan: yallah 3umri ana barou7 edewaneya al7en akalmech ba3dain

Me: enshallah bye

Rakan: allah y7afthech

That was crazy!!! Hahahaha!! What if he wasn’t meaning me by “her”!!

He’s amazing!! He’s like no other!! I LOVE HIM! I love him more than he do!!

Abaaih 1 year ou ana ya ghafleen lekum allahhh!!! Shafny eb halagty ou khyasy abbaaih fashlaaa!!!! 
Bs he is so cute!!!

I hope he saved up some of his sweetness for the days to come and he didn’t use it all in this last 

Hahaha Rakaaan you made me insanely love you!!!

7abbabteny bejnouun feeek