Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Because I love you.. Part1

Hellooo everyone..

Luw agoul shkether walhana 3ala kelshay mat9adgouuun!!

This post is dedicated 7g kell elly en6araw 7g kel elly sawwaw refresh ou chayekaw my blog ou this post is specifically dedicated to D the one who wrote the last comment on the last post!! Ghair eny a7ebbech matet9awerain shkether wanasteny ou shaja3teny❤️️❤️️❤️️ Allah yes3edechhhh goly ameeen!!!

Now enjoy this story and discover the surprise below:D hooope you will like it❤️️

This story will last until rmethan enshallah ou 3ugub rmethan bekoun fe a totally new story with a totally new idea just wait❤️️


-----: 9aba7 elkhair

She smiled: 9aba7 elnour meta gemt?

-----: ma nemt!

She said while searching for her phone: ana agool luw shinu matgoom min nafsek chethy

He went closer to her and kissed her cheek: alllah yfekny min mobilech

She blushed: laish?

-----: la'anna dakhel bain el ba9ala ou eshret'haa

She gave him a discusted stare: ewwww

He started playing with her hair and smelled it..

She blushed: policy

He giggled: walaht 3al sha3r el6eweel elmuntafesh

She stood up: Huh! Enta sas elbalaaa

He froze in his place: met7asfa?

She smiled: men 9ejjek? elsha3ar ou 9a7bat elsha3ar yarkhe9oun jedamek! Maa abe ella ent ou Kelek luw sama7t!!

He pulled her to his lap and hugged her tight..

She whispered: laish ma nemt?

He replied: ma yany noum

She got worried: shetfakker feh?

He took a deep breath: a7es 3ugub shahar el3asal kelshay 9ar 9ejjy

She turned around to see him: haw!!

He continued: afakker bel mas'ooleya! Lazem algally watheefaa mara7 a3eesh 3alma3ash ely ya36enyah obouy ou badal elba6ala

She smiled: allah ytammem

He popped his eyes out: kho kella ana 6aye7 men 3ainech

She placed her arm on his shoulders: la walla bel3aks

He smiled: et7ebeeny?

She blushed: yemkin

He gave her a cold stare: ou raddat deema le3adet'ha el adeema

She replied happily: 6oul 3umry thegeelaa

He raised his eye brows: esmaa3!!

She nodded: ee na3am

And all of a sudden his mobile rang to interrupt their talk..

She sneaked a peek: ahh naboula! 

He smiled: tolah 3alay beldegega khaleehaa

He picked it up: hala belzain

His mom: hala 7abeeebe 3asa ma gawamtkum?

He smiled: la ga3deen

His mom: 3eshtaw many m9adga! Enzain esma3ni 7abeby tra khalatek shway ou eyoun fa mu eta'akheroun nezlaw awal ma tagthoun

He replied: walla entay shagya nafsech shmala kel hallouya brou7 tawna raden min louyat shahr el3asal

His mom: ba3ad lazem kelhum beyoun ebarkoun fa gelt asawy yam3a afek nafsy min eldash wel6ale3

His wife was complaining..

He replied: mashy mashy

His mom: yallah bye

She closed the line..

His wife sighed: nesait elyam3a ufff

He wondered: ee 3ad laish uff?

She stood up and sat on the arm chair in their room: madry shalbes plus maly khelg malaqat elbanat

He smiled: tathkereen yam3at takharuj khaloud okhouy

She nodded: hathail ely aq9ed'hum

He smiled: mara7 ansa halyoum 

She blushed: our first talk

He left their bed and sat on the ground right in front of her "terabba3": nouf!!

He replied in a shy way: hmmm

He kissed her covered knee: nafnouf

She giggled: faaarisss agharrr

Faris: qasaman bellah a7ebech

Nouf blushed: 7abebeee

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