Friday, September 30, 2011


I felt more worried akrah esloub el omahat elly esawoun suspense gabel ma edeshoun bel mawthou3 we7na entanafath men elkhar3a!!

Me: shinu shessalfaa???

Mom: elyoum allah ysalmech daggaw yakh6ebounech

My heart skipped a beat!! I didn’t expect that!! Mu eb hassur3aa!

Me shocked: 9ijj?

Mom smiled: ee wallah 9ij

No no no I couldn’t believe it!! Wallah kent 7ail mtan7a mu m9adga!!

Wait akhaf mu rakan!!!! Laa allah la ygoulll!!

Me nervously: minuuu kha6ebny??

Mom: esmaa .. a3outhu bella men blees .. umm walla nesait bs ohwa weld al******

I BLUSHED!! Madam nesat akeed Rakan ..

Me shyly: enzain meta beyoun?

Mom: ma etefaqna 3ad getlaha enshouf elbent ou obouha ou ngoulech

Me: aha

Mom: ya3ni entay meste3edda 7g elzawaj?

It was awkward but actually I laughed ,I didn’t know what to say , ya3ni its yes bs fashlaa!!!

Me laughing: ma a7esny hahaha


Mom giggled: laishh ya7afeth?

Whew!! Please keep on insisting me pleeeease!!!

Me: hmm madri shay ghareeb bs yemkin ye6la3 mu ghareb ou ana brou7y 7asbaly ghareeb haha ya3ni 
maku mane3 njarreb hehe


Mom: haw shejjarbeen muu le3ba taraa

Adryyy adryy bs khannyy elta3beeer!!

Me: enna mu ajarreb bs ya3ni ..

Mom: gamousha etha ma taben tra mu ella entay tawech sgheera


Me: la abeeee!!

What a shame!!!! Bs I really DO WANT HIM!!

Mom giggled: 9ij wallah?

Me shyly: wallahh

Ok badda3ttt bs shasawi etha omy ma tefhamny!!

Mom: t9adgen gamousha ma hagaitech 3adi etezawejain


Me shyly: laish?

Mom: madri sema3t enna el twins mu bsehoula yetzawejoun

Me shyly: la ghal6aneen

Suddenly she kissed my cheeks hardly ..

Mom: 7abeeeebyy kubaar kubaaarr

Me shyly: haw ana kbeera

Mom: mu be3youni

I smiled omy tshaweg wallaahhh ..

Mom: enzain etha dagaw mara thanya meta taben agoulehum eyoun?

Me shyly: meta ma yaboun

Mom: la ya mama e7na elly n7added

Me: kaifech naggay

Mom: khalas etha dagaw nshouf

Me: ok

Mom: allah ywafgech enshallah

She left my room ..

I was smiling without stopping ..

Thinking of him make me blissful ..

I wore my PJ and laid on my bed ..

While Rakan was still in my mind ..

Until I slept ..

That was my day ..

Its Thursday ..

Hello weekend!! .. I woke at 10 , took a fresh warm shower and wore my off white H&M blazer with 
my three quarter ZARA white straight cut pant and my UTREQUE Sistine chapel print foulard .. I tied 
my hair into a law “kubba” and putted my DG sunglasses on it ..

I went to the college with a wide smile and an optimistic soul ..

My first lecture was with Raghad ..

She arrived before I did so I went to her place because things must be fixed, she was putting her stuff on 
the chair next to her so I sit on the chair next to it ..

Me: ahlaann

I was expecting a slap on my face ..

Raghad gave me that vile gaze ..

I smiled ..

My smile killed her I know!!

The class was BORING as always ..

When it finished I tried to call one of my friends her name was Noura ..

I wanted to sit with her all the break period but unfortunately she didn’t answer ..

I really didn’t want to sit with reema or fay ou raghad ma tabeny!

It doesn’t matter I will find someone to sit with shda3wa ya3ni ..

I went to starbucks I ordered my usual order and sit outside alone ..

While I was eating my mobile rang ..

Ohh its Rakan ..

My heart throb so fast ..

I picked it up ..

Me: alo

Rakan: hala wallah

His voice was AMAZING!!

Me shyly: hala feek

Rakan: ha shfeech ga3da brou7ech?

I turned my face left and right searching for him ..

Until my eyes fall on that adorable shape ..

A tall handsome man wearing a white Deshdasha and a white shmaq with a CATS 5000 brown rayban 
sunglasses ..

Akhh I was melting!!

I smiled against my will and BLUSHED automatically ..

Rakan: ha chenech sheftenyy?

He gave me that adorable pretty lovely sweet magnificent amazing smile akhhh I officially MELTED!!

Me shyly: eeehh

Rakan: shrayech teyyen elmukan elly ams?

With pleasure!!!

Me shyly: ok

Rakan: yalla ana asbegech ou le7geny ok?

ESHAWEEGG!! When he say a sentence and followed it with “ok?” ..

Me shyly: ok

I followed him with passion ..

Until we arrived to the same place ..

Rakan: shlounech?

What was he planning to say ya taraaa!

Me shyly: zaina

 Rakan: e7emm! Ma taben tgoulelly 3an shay?

I felt his hesitating .. hmm what did he mean?

Me: shay? Nafs shinu?

Rakan: a7ad kha6bech menny menak?

I smiled a wide smile and looked at the ground ..

He smiled back and looked at the sky ..

Me shyly: eehh

He looked at me and smile ..

Rakan: ou minu sa3eed el7ath?

Me while looking at the ground: wa7ed allah yaster 3alaih

He smiled and raised one brow ..

Rakan: shyengalla?


Me shyly: omy nesat shesma

Rakan giggled: eeeh esma 9a3eb haa

Me shyly: shwaayy

Rakan: ou shway khayes haa?

Me shyly: la 7asha ma shaf elkhyas

Rakan laughed quietly and whispered: E7ebbech?

I felt hot in my face and I think it turned to red ..

Me shyly: madry

Rakan surprised: afaa2 kel hatha ou ma tadreen!!

I BLUSHED!! I have to leave or I would melted ..

Me: rakan lazem arou7 3endi class

Rakan smiled: allah y7afthech

I left him ..

Ok enshalla mu kel ma ekalemny atna7ash bs shasawwwyy eslouba ma at7ammela!!

Suddenly I saw raghad ..

Raghad: nathla!

I SHOCKED!! That’s too much I am your friend enshalla ma tgolelly nathla che bedon muqademat!!

I got angry!!

Me: raghad!! Lazem netkallam!

Raghad: maku shay netkallam fee

Me: akuu elyoum ta3ali baitna!!

Raghad: no way!

Me: baitkum aw café ay shay!!

Raghad: mabe akalmech mu qaseb

I calmed down ..

Me: raghad please abe akalmech many m6awla!

Raghad: ok 3ugb edawam 3ala 6oul eb caribou elyarmouk

Me: ok

Raghad: la ayeee ma3ach wala teyen ma3ay kel wa7da eb sayyarat’ha!

Madry shel point bs I will accept it!

Me: 7aather

She left me without an excuse or even “bye” ..

I looked at my mobile wella I received an SMS from Rakan ..


“gmasha tara the way how you say my name is killing me”

Awwwhhhhh!!! Qasamaan bellaa naaa6e3!!!

“smella 3alaik 3ayal I will never say it”

“no please always do”

Yakhteee jameeeell!!


“and kill you?”


“Its enjoyable believe me”

Awwwwhh speechless!!!!

He used to draw the smile on my face ADORE HIM!!!

Ohh its 2:00 pm my class just started ..

While I was walking quickly to my class ..

Fay: gamouuuush

Me: hala halaaa

Fay: 7aram 3alaich tablesheny ma3a reema ams ou trou7een

Eff la tthakreeny ..

Me: eeh sorry

Fay: kashkash shfeech?

Me: mafeni shay bs 3endi class

Fay: 7aram 3alaich mu chethy esarfoun wait for my call haa

Me: ok

I left her and ran to my class ..

Time passed sloooowly ..

We took the quiz el7emdellah it was eaasyyy ..

Finally the class had done ..

I called raghad ..

Raghad: ana tawni wasla caribou el dr. 6ala3na mbacher

Me: ok kany 6al3a

I went to her ..

After like 10 minutes I arrived to her ..

Me: ahlan

Raghad: hala

Me: raghad abech tgoulelly eb kel wethou7 ou 9ara7a laish m3asba 3alay?

Raghad: kan 7elm

I looked at her confusedly ..

Raghad: bs you took it away from me!

I understood ..

Raghad: aqsed Rakan

I stared on her ..

Raghad: 6ab3an ra7 tgoulen la ohwa rayly wala kha6eby bs you have to know something

I felt worried from her words ..

Me: shinuuu??

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Raghad: etgouleen esma eb kel thiqa ba3ad!!!

Me: 3ayal tabeni agoul esem yadda?

Hahaha I love this way of treating ..

Raghad: testahbelain??

Me: ma7ad estahbal ghairech!

Raghad: ma tgoulelly sh3endech mbas6a ma3ah!!

I felt worried!! Talking with rakan 5 min. made her angry like this!! Shbetsawy en darat ena eb 

Me: haw raghad!! Entay ana ba3aref shbainech ou baina!

Raghad: ana elly shbainy ou baina wella entaaay!!!

Me: 9aber 9aber la tyeben 3umrech!! Kel elly ga3adta ma3ah 5 degayeg kallamny eb mawthou3 ou re7t 
mala da3i kel hal 3a9abeya tra!!

Raghad: ou shinu hal mawthu3 elly bainech ou baina?? Shakuuu!!

Me: sorry bs mara7 agoul 3ugub kel hal tahzee’ musta7eel agoul ok

Raghad: bye bye ana ghal6ana elly radda 3alaich!!

She closed the line!

Ok the things got more complicated!

It shows that raghad do love rakan if so I cannot accept him that would be impossible ..

Ohh I noticed a new message ..

It was from RAKAN!!

I smiled, he might sent me a love message?


“gmasha! Mara7 adakhal wagoulech laish kentay tabchen bs maku shay yeswa ebacheech ou edarajat 
teyye wetro7 ou etha fe a7ad thalmech allah byakheth 7agech menna”

Ohh he thought that I was crying 3ala darajat! Bs its better than the ugly truth!

Cuteeee I love him!

I replayed :

“thank you for caring”


“no need”

suddenly manoura entered my room ..

I smiled ..

She came toward me and hugged me ..

Mnera: gamouuuushhh

Me: allaah la ya7remny hal lammaa

Mnera: wala ya7remniii

Me: manoura 6afech

Mnera: shinuuu?

Me: rakan kallamny elyoum

Mnera: shgaaal?

Me: cute eshaweg gali chee ashkara abech ou bakh6ebech

Mnera: gamouuushhhh masaaaddeg betezawejaain!!!

I suddenly remembered raghad and her love toward rakan ..

Me sadly: manoura mu aked atzaweja

Mnera: haw laish mu hatha elly tabena!

Me: raghad elyoum m3asba 3alay 3ashan ga3adt ma3ah only 5 minutes shloun etha tezawajta eb 

Mnera: maynouna entayyy???? Elrayyal shareech!! 9adgeny mara7 tredena 3ashan sit raghaadd!

Me: manoura raghad refejty ya3ni!

Mnera: tra 6ebtech hathy mara7 tenfe3ech walah!

I felt happy enny 6ayba wanasaa ..

I smiled ..

After a while we went to the dinning room to have a lunch ..

Shahad: Yuma khal ezourouna 7essa walaht 3ala fouzo

Mnera: 3ayara ams yayyena

Mom: gamousha shfech sayra mu bel mood hal yomain

Manoura looked at me ..

Me: mathghou6a

Mom: ba3ad 3umrii

I love my mom bser3a yenkeser kha6erha ..

Shahad: ahh kelena mathghou6en ma7ad makheth edenya be6oul wel3arth ghair manora!

Shahad kalba tge6 bel way bs kel elly tgoula totally true ..

Mnera: chab chab thekry rabech!!

Hahhaha manora tshawegg ..

Dad giggled: khayfa tanthelech 3ala ejtehadech ezayed?

Me: ka manora enthagh6at erte7tay shosho?

Shahad giggled: eehh

Manoura looked at me and smiled ..

I smiled back ..

I felt her happiness ..

Mnera whispered in my ear: lama tebtasmain 7etta ou ana mathgho6a astanes

I smiled ..


Shahad: walain beda lemghazal

Kalba shahad weloumony feeha!!!

Mnera: osh osh!

My mom and dad were smiling ..

I love my family <3 ..

After a while we finished from lunch it was 3:00 pm ..

My parents went to take a nap while manoura ou shosho were watching TV ..

I went to my room to study for my quiz ..

Ederasa kanat sahla bs allah yaster men el quiz!!

The time passed until it became 5:00 pm ..

Reema was calling ..

Me: ahlan

Reema: hala wallah, shlounech?

Do I have to ask her about fay?

Me: hmm zaina

She felt my hesitating ..

Reema: shfeech??

I mustn’t say I should not say!!

Me: mafeny shay!

While talking to reema shosho entered my room ..

Shahad: bser3a sakreeeee

I pointed “9aberrr”

Me: reema talk to you later 7abebty

Reema: ok bye

I closed the line ..

Me: shinuuuu?

Shahad: tekhayyelay tawa dagat 3alay janouy

7asaaittt eb QUWWA enna salfat’ha not interesting luw mkalma reema a7san ..

Me: eeh?

Shahad: galatly 3endich sis esemha gmasha 9a7?

I suddenly remembered that Jana is Rakan’s sister faj’a eshta6aait ..

Me: eeeeehhh???

Shahad giggled: besmella shfech?

Me: kamlaay!

Shahad: getlaha eeeh chan tgoully eee shakla okhouy eb yakh6ebha

I BLUSHED! I want to know more;$ ..

Me: shgalat ya3ni shgallaha?

Shahad: abaih tawech sghera!!

Me: laykoun geltellaha eny sgheera ou ma abe!!

Shahad: la shaku! Haa shaklech shafgana 3azawaaaj

No bs shafgana 3ala RAKAN!!

Me: shdarraha ehya!!

Shahad: haw okhouha!

Me: adri ya3ni ohwa gallaha? Ou shloun gallaaha ou shdarraha ena yabeny ana !

7asait nafsi oboo ellegafaa bs shasawy!

Shahad: ohwa gal 7g khalty Maryam 3annech ou khalty Maryam lamma 3refat entay men benta galat 
yemkin tseer 7g shosho refejat janoun chan tes’al janoun chan tgoullaha chenna ekhet’haa!

Me shyly: ahhaa

Shahad: ya3ni ra7 twafqeen??

7asait etha gelt eeh shahad ra7 teftha7ni 3end jana!!

Me: madri wallah 3ala 7asab le9bay

Shahad: gamoush chenna hatha bu el panamera ma yte6awaf

Hahaha I know I know!!

Me: haw ana shaku eb sayarta aham shay el akhlaq

E7eeeem 7abaaaait nafsyyyyy lamma gelt akher jumlaa hahaha ..

Suddenly I remembered Raghad again! Eff what to do ya3ni!!

I left my room and went to manoura’s room ..

I heard shosho tet7al6am ..

Shahad: seeeda betgoul 7g manoura

At manoura’s room ..

Me: manora!

Mnera: my pretty eyes!

Me: shasawwyyy eb raghad!!!!

Mnera: shinu ohwa?

Me: magdar awafeq 3ala rakan ou ehya tabe!

Mnera: gmasha come on ham entay tabeena!! Ou ohwa yabech ba3ad ma yabeha ya3ni!

Me: manoura fehmay she’s my friend shloun aghder feeha chethy!! Mara7 at’hanna!!

Mnera: abaih gmashaaa shda3wa taghderen feha mu laihaddaraja!!

Me: manoura please 7awlay tefhemeen!

Mnera: ok ok ok bakhthech 3ala gad 3aglech deggay 3alaiha se’leha tabena?

Me: men 9ijech?

Mnera: eee men 9ijjy yalla deggay al7een!

Me: Haw! Chenna madri shloun!

Mnera: wella la ne6ray lamma yakh6ebech deggay shawreha erte7tay??

Me: shinu ashawerha shaku!!

Mnera: entay hatha elly tabena!

Me: 9a7 hatha elly abe I will enshalla!

Mnera: hablaaa!

I went back to my room ..

I called reema ! the call duration was 3 minutes kel el 3 minutes kanaw:

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

“shfeech .. mafeny shay”

.. etc.

Me: reema la3at chabdi getlech mafeny shay!! Bye!!

after I closed the line from Reema wella I received 2 missed calls from Rakan ..

I felt happy ..

I called him back ..

Rakan: aloo

Me shyly: dag?

He ignored my question ..

Rakan: hala wallaaah

Me: halaa

Rakan: shlounech?

Me: zainaa “I whispered” enta?

Rakan: wallah tamam

Me shyly: enzain?

Rakan: shinu?

Me giggled: enna shinu tabe

7asaita tewahhag ..

Rakan: umm ma te7tajain musa3ada bel derasa?


Me shyly: la mashkourr

Rakan: entay 3endech khwan ghair refejat janoun?

Me smiled: eehh

Rakan: shinu tartebech bainhum?

Me: ethanya

Rakan: aha entaw el total chum?

Me: e7na 4 ana ou manoura ou 7essa ou shosho

Rakan: oh maku 9bayyan?

Me: laaa

Rakan: afa2 3ayal lazem tyeben lehum 9bay


Me shyly: ou ent kallemny 3an 3aylatkum

Rakan: ana el becher ou ta7ty 4 bentain ou weldain

I smiled: allah ykhalehum lek

Rakan: lazem eta3arefain 3ala thurayya ra7 t7ebenha

I remembered the Mexican episode “Mareyya ebnat el7ay” there was a beautiful  evil girl named 
“thurayya” ..

Me: hmm laish?

Rakan: taqreban kubrech ou ana 7ail ma3aha la’anha ta7ty 3ala 6oul ou la’any a7ebha aked ra7 

Me shyly: akeed, welbajy?

Rakan: jana ta7at thurayya refejat ekhtech

Me: ee ee embala

Rakan: ba3dain 9uhaib bel metwasse6 ou me93ab elje3da

Me: asameekum qaweyya mashallaahh

Rakan: ee e7na baitna ma3rouf bel 3ayla enna asamena thegeela bs janoun esemha 3adi la’ana 
msamenha 3ala bent khalty allah yer7amha matat wehya 6 ashhur

Me: ee allah yer7amha

Rakan giggled: e9ara7a a7sallaha obouy kan besammeha rayyaa

Me: 7elu rayya laish a7sallaha

Rakan: la’anna ma samma thurayya Skeena hehe

I giggled: 7araam

Rakan: entay minu agrab wa7da lech men khawatech?

Me: manouraa

Rakan: ta7tech wella fogech?

Me: kubryy she’s my twin

Rakan shocked: 3endech twin???

Me shyly: eehh

Rakan giggled: 9edamteny

Me: laish?

Rakan: madrii estaghrabttt! Ta3alay akhaf marra akalmech ou marra akalemha ne6ray

Me giggled: wee akhaf enta ma tabeny tabeha ehya ou mthayye3!

Rakan: la la matwaqqa3 wala marra galbi naqazny

I laughed hardly: a9lan ehya mu eb kulleyyatna

Rakan: akhh khara3tenyy!

I smiled while blushing ..

Rakan: agoul


Me: goul

Rakan: akhaf atkharba6 bainkum

Me giggled: mu laihaddaraja tra e7na mu copies bs netshabah

Rakan: ashwaa

Suddenly my mom called me ..

Me: yallah bye

I closed the line immediately ..

Me: na3aaam

She opened my room’s door ..

Mom: ha gamousha fathya?

I felt worried akeed waraha salfa hal jumla

Me: eeh laish?

Mom: bakalmech eb mawthou3


Me: wain?

Rakan: mukan ahda men hny

I nodded ..

I followed him until we arrived to a quieter place in the college ..

We both stood near to big palm tree ..

Rakan: merta7a hny? Wella ndawer mukan fee kersy 3ashan teg3edeen?

Me: la its ok

Rakan: sem3ay ana rayyal seeda ou ma3endi muqaddemat a9af9efha lech fa badesh bel mawthou3

I felt worried from his words ..

Me: ok

Rakan: men el akher ana abeech ou bakh6ebech men ahalech

I froze in my place .. my heart skipped a beat ..

Mixed emotions between happiness and worry


He kept on staring at me while I was silent then he smiled ..

Rakan while smiling: mumken?

I smiled back ..

Rakan while raising one brow and smiling: a3teberha ee?

I guess my face turned into a tomato in that moment ..

Me smiled: elmuhem?

Rakan laughed hardly ..

Rakan while giggling: wain baitkum?


Rakan: tara adellaa

I surprised ..

Me: shdallaak

Rakan: 7asbalech bs entay edellen baitnaa?

OHH NO!!!! shdarraaah!!! That was so EMBARRASSING .. Temannaaait el arth tebla3nyyy!!!!

Me: ana?

Rakan: dereshty e6el 3ashare3 7abait’ha eb thak elyoum

Me shyly: went kella mjabel eshare3?

Rakan: lama ykoun beshare3 nas nafsech a6el qasben 3alay


Me: ma3assalama

I turned to leave ..

Rakan: allah ysalmech

I walked fast until I arrived to the circle ..

I sat there while my heart was beating so fast ..


I smiled cheenny maynouna brou7yy ..

Suddenly Reema came to me ..

Reema: gamoushi wainech ams? Laish msakra jehazech? Kharra3teny 3alaich!!

Me: kan maly khelg a7ad

Reema sadly: 7etta ana gamoushi?

I don’t know why she asked me EB KEL THEQA although she knew my answer ..

Me: hmm I guess

Reema sit behind me and whispered in my ears: gamoushi a7ebech


Me: ana ba3aref shfeeny zoud 3ab ghairy elly chethy t7ebeny???

Reema: madri jad madri!! A7ebech ou bss!!

And all of a sudden fayo came ..

Thanks god she came!!

Fay: hala wallahh

Me: ahlaain

Reema: ufff!

Fay: el ekht shamma khyaas?

Reema: la wenty el9ajja shayfa khyas

Fay: ana ba3aref ana shemsaweetlech 3ala hal nafseyya??

Eee wallaahh ana abee a3areff ba3ad!!

Reema: entay tadren shemsawya ok!!

Haa! Shemsawya?

Fay: haw shsawaitlech? Shaku feech ana!!

Reema: ee eee teghaibay!!

Fay looked at me: abaihh tra hathy mu 9a7ya el7emdella wesheker!!

I was wondering what did fay do? That make sense!! Of course she did something wrong that’s why 
reema hated her that much ..

Me: ana lazem arou7 3endi class

I left them with disappointing ..

I wasn’t able to listen more ,actually I don’t want to know the truth! Knowing the truth will lead me to 
lose one of them! Ou ana mabe hashay e9eer!

I arrived to the class early ..

The doctor didn’t arrive yet ..

I took a seat and text manoura in BBM:




My pretty eyes <3<3


Elyoum 3ala kether ma stanast 3ala kether ma thag khelgi!!


Afa! Laishhh?:(


I felt disappointed toward reema and fay!




I cant say here! Lazem akalmech I’m really sad manoura!


Call me nw ou tell me!!


Magdar class awal ma a6la3 I will


Ok 7ayatte I’m waiting;*

Raghad entered the class room ..

Me: raghouuud

Raghad looked at me eb “ni9 3ain” and she tooked a seet away from me!

Me: raghad?

Raghad: don’t even try to say my name gmasha!!!

I SHOCKED!!! Is she raghad?? I don’t think so! That wasn’t raghad! What’s going on??

My eyes filled of tears I couldn’t say a word!!

I decided to leave the class ..

I collected my things and went toward the door ..

Raghad: ro7a bala radda!

I ignored her and went outside ..

I walked quickly to my car ..

I started to cry hardly ..

on my way ..

Rakan: gmashaa?? laish tabcheen?

I ignored him and walked fast until i arrived to my car ..

I called manoura when I entered the car..

Mnera: gamoush shfechhh?

Me while crying: manoura ehh madri shfeehum enass ehh

Mnera: 7abeeebty hadddaaayy ou goulelly Shsaar!!

Me: raghad ehh madri shfeeha 3alay ehh ga3da a7awel athakkar shsawaitlaha shttharrait’ha fee ehh

Mnera: 7ayatee 7ayate entay haddayy shway shway!!

Me: faj’a walla faj’a ou men ghair muqaddemat ehh

Mnera: enzain shsawwatlech!!

Me: awal ma dkhalat el class ehh nadait’ha chan ta7ger ehh nadait’ha mara thanya chan tsame3ni 7achy 

Mnera: shgalat?

Me: ena ls tyeben 6areyye 3ala lsanech ou chethy ehh

Mnera: khat6eer zain!! Men 9ijech tabchen 3ashan chethy!!

I calmed down ..

Me: ee mnera men 9ijjy ehya refejty men 3umer ou gayma ga3da ma3aha!!

Mnera: luw ehya 9ij 3adetech refejat’ha chan yat galatlech shfeha mu chethy faj’a!

Me: ee walla lazem tgoully ya3ni a3lam elghaib ana!!

Mnera: ou rema ou fay shfehum??

Me: kena ga3den ana ou reema wella teyye fay 6ab3an reema naffesat 3ala fay chhan yet’haweshoun

Mnera: way gamousha be6aggag entay shaku fehum tshelen hamhum!!

Me: manoura mu chethy esalfa!! Esalfa enna reema galat 7g fay entay tadreen shemsawya ou fay 
eteghaibaa elly thayyag khelgy enna shinu msawya fay elly khallat reema tekrahha hal kether akeed shay 

Mnera: haw!! Tra 9aa7 elmafrouth men gabel kentay testaw3eben enna fe shay wella maku a7ad yekrah 
cheethy men allah

Me: hatha ohwa!! 7asait elyoum enna kel rab3y ra7aw eb youm! 7asait wala wa7da yestened feha 
ethahar thag khalgy mneera!

Mnera: kashkash tra I’m still here for you beauty

I smiled: ou hatha elly m9aberny ana bedonnech magdar a3eesh

Mnera: 7ettan ana

Me: a7ebech

Mnera: akthaar

Me: yalla bye

Mnera: bye!

I closed the line and went back home ..

I arrived home ..

I went to my room immediately ..

I took my clothes off ..

I took a warm shower and wore a lagging with M&M’S t-shirt ..

Then I lay down on my bed ..

I started thinking about my friends ,my closest friends .. what happened today was really disappointing!!

I decided to call Raghad I need to know what was the matter with her!!

Raghad: na3am!

Me: raghad abe a3aref shfeech 3alay raghad entay refejty ana ma astaghny 3anech eb hasehoula abe 
a3aref sh9ayer! Sh9ar elly ghayyerech faj’a 3alay!!!

Raghad: 3ugub class esaa3a 10 wain kentay?

Hmm ohh I was with rakkan!!! What does that mean??

Me: bel jam3a!!

Raghad: weyya minuuu??

Ahhaa I am understanding!!

I mustn’t lie on her I have to say the truth!!

Me: rakan!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Rakan: bs tew3edeny ma tsakrena ella lama akhales elly 3endi?

SAAADDEGNY MARA7 ASAKRAAA!! Kafee wayed sert thegela mat7ammal;$ ..

Me: ok

Rakan: legroup el6ulaby chethba!

I know babe! Ou ana elmaga9a nafs elhabla 9addagt bs esara7a ashwany saddagt;$!

Me: na3am?

Ya3ni 3a9abt;$

Rakan: ana asef!

Don’t apologize you made my day eb hal call!!!

Rakan: gmashaaa!


Rakan: ana 3umri ma fakkart enny at3arraf 3ala bent eb ha6areeqa! Aw 7etta akalemhaa! Ana mu men 
hano3 elly adeg 3al bent qasben 3alaiha ou at3arraf 3alaiha men wara ahalha kelleshhh!!

Adryyy adryyy SAAAAN333!!!!

Rakan: gmasha ana en3ajabt feech ou tafkeery feech mustaqbaly bss 7abait a3aref shu3ourech gabel ma 
a6eg bab baitkum


Rakan: fa shgeltay?

I have nothing to say abaih jaad shagoul shagooull!!! Abeeek anaa bs magdar agoulha lek ashkaraaa!!

Me: rakan faja’tny

Rakan: ana nafsech tefaja’t men el7achy elly 6ala3 menny walla eenna 6ala3 men galbi ma fakkart feeh!!

Awwwhh! I adore your heart!!!

Rakan: gmasha tukfa ne7taj neg3ad ma3a ba3ath!!

Me: 9a3baa!!

Rakan: bel jam3a ou jedam enas maku shay ekhalena ntekhashash a9lan! Mu msawen shay ghala6

Me: enshallah eseer khair

Rakan: enshallah, taben shay gabel la asakra?


Me: la shukran

Rakan: faman allah

Me: ma3a esalama

I closed the line ..

My mind couldn’t stop thinking of HIM!!

Until I arrived home ..

7essa: ahlaan halaa

Me: ohhh elyoum yayyenna!!

7essa: ma tabeena ya 7afeth?

Me: laa 7ashaaaa

7essa: hehe yalla badlay ou ge3dy ma3ay

Me: betaghadon 3endena?

7essa: eehh ou ba3d shway beyye khaled ba3ad

Me: ou omy shfeeha ma tgoul

7essa: mu ghurb e7naaa! Wain manora ou shosho meta beyoun?

Me: manora ashkara nayma sayarat’ha barra la’ana ou shosho ba3d shway, omy wainha?

7essa: 6al3a ma3a obouy tekhayelay!

Me: hehe 7ayatee ga3da brou7ech ka abadel ou ayyee, foza ma yat?

7essa: eb teyye ma3a obouha

Me: ok 10 min. ou anzel

I left her and went to my room, I took a quick shower and wore XXXL “I<3NY” t-shirt with tight black 
lagging ..

I went back to my sister ..

7essa: walla saree3a

Me: afa 3alaaich

7essa: shlounech ou shloun eljam3a?

Me: wallaa tamam entay shlounech?

7essa: ana ttamam eb khair

I felt that I WANT to talk to her I felt that I really NEED her! 7asait’ha yat bwagt’ha .. bs madry shloun 
ashra7 laha ou madry men wain abda! Its really hard to me ya3ni awal marra I fall on a guy!! Awal 
marra a guy fall on me! 7etta eb 3aylatna wala marra sema3t enna a7ad tezawaj 3an 7ub aw 7etta a7ad 
7ab!! Akhh yaa rabbb!!

Me: 7essa?

7essa: na3am

Me: ay sena tezawajtay?

7asaait shhasu’al bs kent a7taj MUQADEMAT!!

7essa giggled: 2006

Me: mashallah lesnen tarketh

7essa: ee wallaahhh

Me: enzain wain shafech?

7essa shyly: bel 9al7eyya hehe


Me: chathaaaba!!

7essa: wallaal3atheem

Me giggled: abaaih ya7lailkum enzain shloun?

7essa: wa7da gaylatla 3anny ehya men 6araf his cousin ou thabe6at’ha ma3a wa7da men refejaty ena 

arou7 el9al7eyya ou ohwa kan hnak galoulla shkent labsa shafny 3ajabta sa’al 3any ou ya kha6abny

Me: ollaahh! Ya3ni mu 3an 7ub?

Ta7assaaft 3al su’al elghabyyyy!!

7essa surprised: haw sh7ubbaa laaa2

laishh shfeeha ya3nii!!!

Me: ahaa!

7essa: gamoush tra maku shay esma 7ub ou kharabee6 hatha 3ugub elkhe6ba e9eer

Me: shda3wa maku akuu!! Wayed nas tezawejaw 3an 7ub maafeha shay

7essa: ana ou khaled 3ugub ma kha6aby 7abaina ba3ath!

Me: bss hal7ub kan his choice brou7a entay ma khtartay ohwa bs khtar!!

7essa: 9ij ohwa khtarny bs kan be’emkany arfetha!!

Me: wafaqtay mu 3ashan t7ebena 3ashana san3 ou khosh rayal ou 3ugub 7abaity ghasben 3alaich!!

7essa surprised: haw gmasha!! Lazem chethy e7na chethy e7na eb deera ta7kem 3alaina hal 3adat ma 
negdar ne6la3 3anha ou fog taqaledna eslamna! Laish entay ma3a el7ub?

That was a difficult question !!

Me: etha tawajad el7ub fa ana ma3ah!

7essa: yanaitay?

Me: ethaa galbech 7ab maa tegderen!!

7essa: gmasha?

Me: na3am?

7essa: entay t7ebeen?

And my mom survived me ..

Mom: nawwarr elbaait ya 7asounaaa

7essa: 7ayateee yumma

7essa kissed my mom’s and dad’s cheeks ..

They all sit in the living room with us and after a while shosho, khaled and foza came ou manoura came 
from her room ..

They were sharing a random conversations while I was in another world I was thinking of HIM!! And 
what shall I do tomorrow? Will I sit with him or not? And if loving him is correct or not!! Aaakh I was 
really confused ..

I left them and went to my bed!!

I was rolling in my bed and thinking of RAKAN!! I like him .. or maybe I love him .. I don’t know but 
all what I knew that I WANT HIM!!!

After a minutes ..

Mnera: kashkash?

Me: na3am?

Mnera: shfeech? Laish nayma al7een? Nezlay ghada!

Me: mabee

Mnera sit behind me: shfeeech?

Me: mafeny shay

Mnera: 7ayaateee!! Adry enna feech shay! Omy entay goulely shfeech gouleelly ana akthar wa7da hny 
ra7 afhemech sadgeny mara7 eta7asefain!

I love her affectionate voice it makes me feel tranquility ..

Me: manoura a7es enny confused madry el9a7 men elghala6 halkubry ou ma3aref afareg metkhayla!!

She hugged me TIGHT!! I felt comfortable to let my feelings out ..

I started to cry on her shoulder ..

Mnera: 7ayaateee 7abeebty entaay!

She wiped my tears ..

Mnera: goumay 7abeebty qasly wayhech ou ta3awethy men blees ou emshay netghadda ba3dain 
6al3eelly kel elly eb galbech

I cried again ..

Me: manoura abeee anamm

Mnera: 7ayatee muu zain tnameeen wentay tabcheen! 

I don’t know how to explain madri shagoullaha manora mu no3ha chethy ou ana adri etha geltlaha ra7 
arta7 bs mara7 tfeedny eb shay I know she will blame me she would never understand!!

Me: 3ayal shasaaawwy!!!!

Mnera: I can guess shfeech!

I got worried! Manoura kella echeknyy bs ana musta7eel achek’ha!! yarab ye6la3 tawaqu3ha ghalaa6!!

Me: shfeeny?

Mnera: are you falling in love my pretty twin??


My eyes shwayya ou ye6le3oun men mukanhum ..

my heart started to beat so fast ..

My throat felt so dry ..

My hands started to sweat ..

Me: sh shinu?

Mnera: bel 3araby et7ebbeeen?

Me in a shaking voice: ha haw .. men 9i 9ijjech?

Mnera: so .. ma tadren el7ub 9a7 wella ghala6?

Mneraa 9adgeeeny please 7etta luw tadreen ene chathaba 9adgeeeny!!

Mnera: ekhtyy!! Elly ana sam3eta ena el7ub mu eb eedna!

I give up ..

Me: 9aa7! Ana ma kha6a6t!!

Mnera: bs elly eb eedna enna ma nbayen masha3erna 3ashan ma ndesh bel ghala6 ya3ni 7ebbay bainech 
ou bain nafsech!

Me: hatha elly sawaita bs ham ohwa e7ebny!!

Mnera: shdarrach?

I told her everything ..

Mnera: cute!! Bs badda3 tra

Me: bs ma t7esseen enna its precious enna alla jema3 thnain e7ebon ba3ath eb mukan wa7ed? Ohwa 
7abny ou ana 7abaita gabel la n3aref ba3ath tra ne3ma!!

Mnera: hmm 9a7 it could be bs ham madrii!

Me: shasawwy???

Mnera: goulella etha 9ij tabeny ta3al baitna ekh6ebny men ahaly

Me: 7adech yanaitay!!

Mnera: hatha e9aa7!

Me: manoura akhaf akhsera!! Akhaf ehawen!

Mnera: 3ad etha hawan ma3nata yel3ab!!

Me: bs ana abee!! Ou ohwa mu chethy 9adgeeny!

Mnera: ta3alay al7en netghada ye3tttt ou ra7 nelga 6areqa

I took I deep breath, washed my face and followed her to the dinning room ..

I felt comfortable after talking with her..

In the dinning room everyone 6ab3an “zain nezaltay!” “shfeech menkhasha foug” “mesta7ya men 
khaled” “foza tdawrech tabe 7alawa”.. etc.

I didn’t eat anything I was absent minded thinking of rakan nafseety masdouda 3an el akel kent mtan7a 
ou al3ab bel shoka!!

From the minute rakan talked to me until I slept ou I was feeling worried! Khayfa men elly ga3da 
asawwy! Making a relation ship with a guy? 9A3BA!!!

I switched my phone off my mood was bad! I didn’t talk with anyone after talking with manoura!! Ou I 
didn’t do anything unless thinking!!

Until it became 9:00 I went to sleep ..

That was my day ..

Its Wednesday ..

I woke up early .. I wore my yesterday’s ripped jeans with my juicy white t-shirt with pink writing , my 
hair was tied into “kubba” ..

Moody kan LO3A!

I went to the college ..

After my first lecture ..

Rakan was sitting in front of my class and waiting for me ..

Me: esalamu 3alaikum

Rakan: wa3alaikum esalam , ta3alay

Monday, September 19, 2011


Me: haw minuuu!!

Unknown: el7elu shfee m3a9eb?

Eeeww! I closed the line immediately and tried to sleep again ..

He kept on calling 3 times while I am ignoring him ..

That was my day ..

Its Tuesday ..

I woke up at 9:00 I took a shower, I wore linin zara white half sleeves top with two red lines in the top 
and ripped jeans  ,my hair was tied into kubba ..

Kent kellesh mu meshta6a ou kan maly khelg eljam3a KELLESH!!

I went to the college against my will bs 3ashan el attendance!

When I arrive to my class wella RAKAN wagef barra ..

6ab3an my heart started to beat so fast and my hand began to sweat ..

Rakan: gmasha

NO NO PLEASE!! Mu 3end el class raghaad ma3aayyy laaaa .. ou ba3ad mhalgaa laaa it wasn’t my 

I decided to answer him bedoun ma a36ee wayh! Walla ma weddy bs ya3ni lazem nathgel shwaayy ..

Me: na3am?

Rakan: uhh bs abe akalmech eb mawthou3

Awwwhh!! Shinu elmawthou3 ya taraa ..

Me: 3afwan?

Ygoulon ethegel 9an3a haaha ..

Rakan: bakalmech eb mawthou3 belderasa ya3ni

Me: ana asfa al7een eb yabdi my class ou tegdar tes’al dektorek aw your classmates

Rakan: anaa asef sam7eeny 3al ez3aaj

Waayy ya rabbyy shhaal tharaabaa!!! Walla enna maku ez3aaj bsss madry laish atefalsaaf!!

Me: la 3adi

I entered my class ou I was regretting because I didn’t give him a small chance to talk or even to know 
what was the subject about akhhh 3ala malaqtyy!!

Raghad: shyabe menech?

7aram raghouuddd;p

Me: gal yabe ekalmeny eb mawthou3

Raghad surprised: shmawthou3a??

Me: madri getla enny busy 7asait shaku ekalmemny eb mawthou3 shbainy ou baina

Raghad: eee zain sawaitay

I know enha galat chethy mu la’anna zain ley la’ana zain laha bas 6awaft

Me: eeh

The I hour and 15 min. passed SLOOOOOOOWLY!!

Until the class FINALLY finished ..

Reema: gamoushii

I have to smile ou at3amall ma3aha chena ma sar shay ..

Me: ahlaan reema

Reema: shakhbar el7eluu?

Me: tamam bkhair entaay shlounech shemsawya?

Reema: dam enny ashoufech mu bs ana hadenya eb kuberha eb khaair

Too much!

Me: 7ayaaateee

Reema: sh3endech al7een?

Me: break

Reema: emshay avenues netrayyag aw shargg prime and toast?

Me: 3ad 7addy meshtahya prime and toast bs khaleha yom thany breaky sa3a!

Reema: starbucks?

Me: okk

I went with reema starbucks ou galbi naqezni 7asait bentahawash!!

Reema: shrayech nakel barra eljaw 7eluu

Me: ok 3adi

I ordered a skinny late’ ou reema ordered caramel cappuccino ..

Then we went outside and sit on a bench ..

Reema while playing with her long brown hair: gamoushii

Me: na3amm

Reema: 7addii mkayfaa

Me: 3asa dom ya raab

Reema shyly: tadreen laish?

 Me: laish?

Reema: la’anny yamechh

Me giggled: ba3ad 3umriii

Reema shyly: ya bakhtee

Me: waay ya 7alat eljaw mashallahh

Reema: esheta garrab

Me: a7eeeeb eshetaaa

Reema angry: waaay hatha ma athanna!!!

Me surprised: haa?

Reema: hathaak elly hnaak ga6e3ech belkhaaz chena maku banat ghairech!!

Refa3t rasi wella RAKAAN!! Waay ya7laila ga3d ekhezny hehe .. awal ma sarat 3ainy eb 3aina chan 
elef wayha CUTEEEEE!!

Me shyly: khally e7na shaku feh 3aad

Reema: maa at7ammal badda3 belkhaaaz!!

Raddait refa3t rasy wella 3ainy teye eb 3aina marra thanya chan yebtesem NA6EEE33!!!

Me: 7abebty reema ga3d ekhezni ana mu entay fa 6aaaf!

Reema: ou entaay shwayyaa!! Luw khazny ana chan rethaait bs entay laa2!!

Hmm what does that mean ramrouma?

Me while smiling: hehe

Reema: gamoushi khangoum!

Me: eljaw 7eluuu 3ajebnyy!

Reema: still khangouum!!

Me: haw wain nrou7 ma buga shay 3ala classy degegtain ou bagoum a9lan!

Reema: eff!

After a while we went to the building elly feeh my class ba3dain reema left me and went to her car ..

While I’m using the stair to go upstairs rakan was using the stair too but in the opposite direction he was 
going downstairs ..

What shall I do? A9edd? Abtesem? Ma3a el asaf sawait elly aghba men chethy ou nw I am regretting!!

Awal ma 3aina 6a7at eb 3ainy sawait 3umry mthay3a ou lafait ou nezalt FEE AGHBA MEN HAL 

6ab3an he followed me ! I took a seat in front of the stairs ou at7al6am eb galbi 3al 7araka elly sawait’ha 

Rakan: ekhty hatha el course el awwal lech bel jam3a?

Haw? Men meta enadeny “ekhty” ou shyabe ya3ni shhal su’al!!

Me with a big question mark on mu face: laa2!

Rakan: 3ayal?

Haw shfee!! Lazem ajaweb ya3nii??

Me: ana sana thaltha!

Rakan: thaba6tay jadwal el course ethany?

Me: tawennas!

Rakan: ok ekhty ma 3alaich amer ta36eny raqmech 3ashan ndezlech awwal bawal ou nbashrech bel 

Haw sheddezoun? Minu entaaw!! Ay taghyyeerat! Abaih laykoun rakan men elqawa’em!!

Me: entaw qa’ema?

Rakan: laa e7na group 6ullaby tawwa m’assas ou ela3tha’ bs 9bayyan ou 3an greeb bekoun aku banat!

Group 6ulabyy??

Me: shesemkum?

Rakan: e9ara7a ma samaina lail7een bs greeb enshalla

Haw! Bs raktha tyam3oun el arqaam!!

Me: ma samaituu?

Rakan: ekhty mumkin raqmech wella mu mumkin?

Abaih 7asaaita tanarfaz men as’elty bs yarabbe staghrabt awal marra asma3 feehum!!

Me: asfa wayed sa’alt! 99******

Rakan with a big smile: shukran

Me: 3afwan

Oops my class!! I ran immediately to my class ..

When the class had done I went to my car ou on my way I saw fayo fa I walked with her ..

Fay: haaa shinu akher eta6awurat?

Me: la jadeeeda ta7t eshams

Fay: 3ayal ana maly tesama7 mennyyy 7abeeby

Me: 7elfay cute

Fay: 7aram 3alaichhh mu jedamyy

Me: hahaah enzain shsawwa?

Fay shyly: ga9 3alay eb kelmetain hehehe

Me: ba3ad te3tarfaiin

Fay: 7aram 3alaich kelmetain 3an kelmetain tafreg ou la 9arat men 7abeb elgalb ghaaair

Me: zouuuqaa

I arrived to my car ..

I entered it and went back home ..

My mobile rang while am driving ..

Wella unknown number ..

Hmm I was wondering laykoun elly amss!! Bss ell yams kan kella #6 hmm ..

I picked it up ..

Me: minu?

Unknown: gmasha?

Is that RAKAN’S voice!!! Ehhh so the student group was a joke? Or what??

Me: eeh?

Rakan: ma3ach rakan zamelech bel jam3a!

Khaanathgel shwaaayyy

Me: rakan? Minu raakan? Ma3aref zumala2 ana

I acted enny san3aaa hahaha bs 9ij ma3aref

Rakan: elly elyoum akhatht raqmech

Me: ee legroup el 6ulaby madry shinu?

Rakan: ee na3am

Me: 7ayyak allah

Rakan: gmasha ana bagoullech shaghla

Me: tfathaal?