Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Its crystal clear .. Part1

As I told you before I AM SO ADDICTED to writinggg!!

Yesss Immm back with a new story I HOOOOPE YOU LIKE IT MEN KEL GALBEEE<3!!

Enjooooy it beautiesssss;*


Me: wainek?

Khaled: Starbucks 7ayatee, amerech?

Me giggled: yallah!!

Khaled smiled: 3ayal badlay

Me shyly: ok 3a6ny five minutes

Khaled: ok 3umri

I closed the line, fixed my hair and applied some rouge until he called me again a tango call.

I picked it up to see his adorable face ..

Khaled: kashkhaaa!!

I smiled ..

Khaled to the starbucks guy: one white mocca and .. emm 7ayatee shinu taben?

Me shyly: nafs kel marra

Khaled: hach goulella!!

Me giggled: men 9ejjek?

The starbucks guy smiled: hey ma'am what do you like to drink?

Me giggled: caramel macchiato with three sugar bags!!

Khaled: ollaaa! la maku put one only!!

Me: khaled pleaseeee!!

Khaled: la maku la y9eer feech sukkar!!

Me: efff enzain!!

Khaled: one sugar bag!!

The starbucks guy: ok

Khaled: 7ayatee?

Me: na7ees!

Khaled: mu zain lech yubaa!!

Me: ok!

Khaled: akeed?

Me: akeedain

Khaled: a7ibech

Me: akthar

"White moca, caramel macchiato?"

Khaled: orderna!

He took our coffee cups and sat down ..

Me: is the table for two?

Khaled smiled: yes shoufay

He showed me the other chair.

I smiled ..

Khaled: sherbay

Me giggled: maynoun!!

Khaled: Khaleeny a3eesh eldor enech mjablatny!!

Yes, we used to date by tango calls!!

He was drinking his coffee while talking to me and imagining me in front of him!

I love him!!

Khaled: ghena?

Me: a7ibik!!

Khaled: yallah 7ayatee bye khal ashrab gahwetech!

Me giggled: setteeen 3afyaa!!

Khaled: allah y3afeech!!


Khaled: 9aba7 elkhair!!

Me: 9otek noooooooooooum

Khaled: 3ala 9otek ana a97a ba3ad shinu?

Me: 7abeebe!!

Khaled: elyoum classech elsa3a 11 9a7?

Me: ma 7efatht?

Khaled: bs bat'akkad

Me: eeh

Khaled: Yallah badlaay al7een bamerech

Me: Yaaaaaay ok now agoum

Khaled: la t7e6een 7umra

Me: khafeefa?

Khaled: le7say bara6mech ou 6el3ay!!

Me: please?

Khaled: la!

Me: eyeliner?

Khaled: th3eef!

Me: blusher?

Khaled: la, ana agoulech kelmetain 7elween e7amroun khdoudech!!

Me: ughhh! ok mascara?

Khaled: no!

Me mnafsa: bye khaled!

Khaled: ghena?

Me: a7ebek!

Khaled smiled: bye 7ubi

I changed my clothes to my miumiu jacket and skirt with my givenchy boots and a black tight ..
After a while he called me ..

Khaled: ana barra!!

Me: ok

I went outside and entered my car ..

He followed me ..

Me: alo

Khaled: speaker?

Me: ee

Khaled nervously: tanourtech g9era 7ail!!!

Me: 7abebe labsa jeejee

Khaled: bs ham, la t3eedeenha

Me: elnas awal temda7 ba3dain t3eeb bs ba3th elnas ma y3arfoun yemde7oun

Khaled: mabe ashaj3ich 3alghala6

Me: 7achara!!

Khaled: jameela ma ye7tay atkallam

Me: la tekallam, ghaneya ou a7b elhadeya ok?

Khaled: ok enshallah

Me giggled: wayhek mtaffakh mu 9ij!!

Khaled: shway shway chum daysaa?

Me: way ya kerhek la le7agtny.

Khaled: khafefay.

Me: ok ok


Khaled: ghena?

Me: 3youn ghena?

Khaled: ghena?

Me: amer?

Khaled: ghena?

Me giggled: gouuul?

Khaled: ghena?

Me: waaaayy!!

Khaled: ghena?

Me: na3am?

Khaled: ghenaa?

Me: haaa!!

Khaled: ghena?

Me: ahaaa!!

Khaled smiled: eee!!

Me: ensa agoulha

Khaled: ghena ghena ghena!!

Me: na3am na3am na3am?

Khaled: ghenaaaa?

Me: haaa?

Khaled: ghena?

Me giggled: khair?

Khaled: ghenaty? 7ayate?

Me: ok ok a7ebek!!!

Khaled: WINNN haahhaa!!

Me: 7annaaan!!

Khaled: many m9adeg ena hathy akher sena ley!!

Me: 7athek!

Khaled giggled: bal thekry rabbech!!

Me giggled: laylahelallah!!

Khaled: ou akhthech ley brou7y?

Me: allaah!!!

Khaled: ou t9eren 7agy ana elamer elnahy?

Me: allah y3eeny 3ala 7achartek!

Khaled: akhaf 3alaich

Me: artha 7abeby artha

He blew a kiss ..

Me blushed: wain a7e6ha?

Khaled: sema3t enech tawch makla kakkaw ou wedi athouga.

Me giggled: khayes mnashebnyyy

Khaled: ok?

Me: done hahha

Khaled: mmmm snickers?

Me: kinder haha


That's my khaled, My one and only khaled, I met him last year and I loved him!

But he adores me ..

He means the world to me!!

He’s my hansom man he’s tall as a mountain, his body is perfect as an aberecrombie and fitch model ..

His eyes are sharp as falcon’s ..

His smile is just perfect as a baby’s ..

With those adorable dimples and the pearly teeth ..

Light beard and mustache, tanned skin perfect isn’t it?

And the most important thing is that he’s MINEEEEE he’s not for sharing ok? Ok ..

My lovely khaled was  planning to marry me but ..

One day ..


  1. Isnt this story already taken?

  2. Pooossstt anootheer onee !!!!! Waalhaaneeenn 3alaaich!!!!! Jaaadd yaallaa 3afyaa

  3. NEEEXXXTTTT 7abeb Albbbeee<3

  4. loveeeee itttt!!!!!!

  5. Walaahtt 3ala ketaabtich w 3la islobich il3ajeeb byour stories! Post bser3a please.


    Walla today I was saying "I miss REAL blogers, who know how to make me feel like I'm living the moment, I need someone like Rewaya mfarzena, Maggie, wla YCM low bs katkouta trj3 tktb AHHHHHHH" and I just opened your blog tI reread restrained love for the 4th time to find that you are back with an amaizng story!! A9ee7??
    We all did actually..

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