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From Never Till Forever .. Part40

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Enjoooooy the poooostttt;*


It was shocking!!

We supposed to leave after 4 days!!!

Me: laihh??

Yousif: 7ajazt radda bacher el9eb7!!

My eyes popped out!!!

He took it SERIOUS!!

Me: yousif!!

Yousif: I have nothing to say!!

Me: bs anaa 3endy THINGS to say!!

He smiled that SILLY smile ..

Yousif: ba3ad lech 3aiin??

He applied some cologne and left ..

Oh my god!!!!

7altaa musta39eyaaa!!!!

Uff ufff!!!!

Ou etha radaina lekwait aish eb na3mel??

Ma3goula ekoun mfakker e6allegny??

La laa a3outhu bellaahh!!

I have to get out of that mood!!

So I decided to change into my swimsuit and went to the beach for tanning ..

I wore my Jets by Jassica Allen swimsuit ..

With my Melissa sandals ..

My look was awesome with my tanned skinn and curly hair ..

I went to the beach putted my towel down and laid on it ..

Then I started to apply the tan on my skin ..

I closed my eyes ..

I was thinking of how to fix that huge problem!!

Suddenly ..

Yousif: goumay!!!

I opened my eyes ..

Me wondering: laish!!

Yousif: bs 3ajbech shaklech chethy mensad7a brou7ech?

Me: you are most welcome

Yousif: goumy rou7ay foug yallah!!!

Me: yousif khalnyyy astanes brou7a akher youuum!!!

Yousif: testansainn?? Hmmm

Me: a7awel awannes 3umry!!

Yousif: shahad goumay ou la t3andeenn!!

Me: khalnyyy atshammas shway ma mdaanyy!!

Yousif: bassech teshemmes bashretech 7targaatt!!

Me: zaaaaaaiiin la7aaathttt!! Ams mjabletek sa3a agoullek shinu feny mtghayyer ma tla7eth enny I was 
tanned!! Ou laish mu 7eluu??

I was trying to invent conversations between us 3ashan a6ayye7 el7a6aabb!!

Yousif: GOUMAY!!!

Me: enzain goully 7eluu wella laaa??

He stared on me for seconds ..

Me: yes or no please

Yousif: its up to you etha ma taben etgoumen kaifech!!

He turned around and left me alone!!!!!!

Me: oh my god!!!!

He’s a HOPELESS case!!!!!

I collected my things and went to our room!!

Yousif was there sitting in the balcony and SMOKING cigarette ..

I took my swimsuit off and entered the bathroom to take a shower ..

It took me around an hour of showering and playing with bubbles it was refreshing!!

Then I went out the bathroom to see yousif 3ala 7a6etaa!!!

He was still smoking!!!


I have to talk to him!!

I need to start any conversation eff!

I took my dress and went to him ..

Me: yousiff

Yousif: hmm!

Me: aish rayak eb hal fustan?? Albesaa??

Yousif: lebsy elly tabeen!

Without looking at the dress!!!!!!!!!!


Me: ok shukran!!


I went inside and wore it ..

Alice by Temperley gown:

Parada slipper:

My look was gorgeous !!

The tanned skin with that amazing white gown and my LOVELY curly hair!!

I sat on our bed, took yousif’s ipad and started to play angry bird over 10 times and yousif was STILL 


I throw the ipad on the bed and went to him!!!

Me: stop smoking babe that’s enough wallaaahhh!!!

He didn’t pay me any attention ..

I held his face from his chin and made him facing me ..

Me: give me one!!

Yousif: shinu??

Me: 3a6nyy zegara!!! Etha bettem eddakhen ana badakhen ma3aakk!!

Yousif: maynouna?

Me: eewa haaattt!!! Mara7 akhalleek tmout brouu7ekk!!

Yousif stared at me for a while ..

Me: whats wrong with youuuu???

Me: why smoking hundred cigarettes!!!

Yousif: am confused!!

Me: el ayyam ra7 tathbet lek yousif! Etha ment gader t9adegny ma3a elayyam ra7 t3aref el9ej!!

Yousif: ou maqmouuut!!

Me: men hal zegayer 7abeebyy ge6haa!!!!

Yousif: met’thayeg 7aaiiiil!!!

Me: ma 3aaashh min ethaygeek 7ayaatee!!

Yousif: laaa enshallah y3eesh ou yet’hanna!!

My eyes started to tear ..

Me: I didn’t mean it!! ma qa9adt athaygek wallahh!!

Yousif: shahad wallahh many gader aw9ef lech 7alty 7aaail maqmouuut!!!

Me: 7abeby

Yousif: haa!

Me: shrayek tgoum eteyaddad ou et9allyy!!

Yousif stared on me for seconds ..

Yousif: ana ma a9ally shfeech!

Me: adry!! Bs jarreb wallah raa7 tertaa7!!!

Yousif: maly wayhh!!

Me: laishhh!!

Yousif: kel hal sneen ma darait 3an rabbe wala 9alait ou al7en youm enny tethayagt a9allyy!! 

Me: 7abeeby 3endd rabbek mafee  7aja esmaha ma9la7aa!!! Bel3aaks rabbek elwa7eed elly la jeet lah 
ba3d jafak yestagbelek!!!

Yousif throw his cigarette and stood up ..

Yousif: yallah 3almeny!

His scenery was heart breaking but I tried to hold my tears but at the same tame I was really happy 
because he’s starting to change ..

I smiled and followed him to the bathroom ..

I told him what to do exactly and then I taught him how to pray ..

Me: yousif bel sujoud ed3yy rabbak min kel galbak ou koun  watheg enna allah eb yestejeeb lak

Yousif: ok

Me: ou touuub lerabbak touba ennak ma te3eed elmanaker

Yousif started to pray ..

And I was staring on him happily ..

Ou kunt aghashesha shwayya bel ta7eyyat ou kethaa ..

El7emdellaahhh allah ytammem 3alaih yarabb ..

After he finished ..

Me: al7een kaif 7alak?

Yousif: el7emdelah shway erte7t!

I smiled ..

Me: I told you 7abeby

Yousif: by the way you look hot!!

Me shyly: 7abeeebyy I miss youuu!!!

Yousif: I miss you too ou I cant hold it any more!!!!

He came closer to me and kissed me that amazing kiss ..

I hugged him tightly ..

Me: wallal3atheem a7ebbek

Yousif: ana ba33ad bs 7arakatech tbu6 elchabd

Me: ma 3alaih 7abeeby ta7amalny ba3ad ana mertek

Yousif: enzain gabel la y6ee7 kel el7a6ab bagoullech shay

Me: amer

Yousif: elyahel bet6ay7ena??

Me: not any more 7ayatee!!

Yousif: laish shelly taghayyar? Am still me tar abs kent shway aw waaayed maqmout

Me: jarrabt za3alek youm ou ma ta7ammalt kaif en kan 6oul el3umer?

Yousif: ba3ad 3umry

He hugged me really tight for minutesssss ..

Then I sang in a low voice while sitting between his warm grab, laying my head on his huge chest ..

Me: ow3edny 3anny ma tegheeb ou tebga hena jambe gereeb me7taja ana methlek 7abeeb yefham 
3eyouni ou tha7kety feek enta 7elmi menzeman wenta el7aya waghla 7anan telga ma3ak rou7y 
elaman yaghla bashar fee denyety

He was kissing the top of my head then he lowered his lips to kiss my forehead then my left cheek then 
then then ..

Hahah yousif is ALL what I need!!!!

Yousif: wa3ad 3umri wa3aaaddd 7ayaateeee mmm

Me shyly: lets celebrate?

Yousif: yallah emshay! Shloun tabeeen?? Sky diving?


Yousif giggled: tkhafeeenn??

Me: laaaaa abghaaa abghaaaaaa!!!! Feee hnyyyy???

Yousif: mu hny bs greeebbb


Yousif: laa 9aber ma sheba3t men hal look el7elu ya 7elwaaa!!

I blushed ..

Me: yakfee e7raaajj

Suddenly yousif’s mobile rang ..

It was behind me ..

Yousif: 3a6eny mobily!

I took it and looked at the screen ..

Me: raqam ghareebb

Yousif wonderingly: ashouff

I gave him the mobile ..

Yousif: aloo!!

Yousif: hala feech!

Yousif: tamam eb khair!

Yousif: 3afwan min 7athretech?

Yousif: ahhhh hala mnera!

Mnera mnera mnera? Yes!!! Cousin obouh? Elly eb paris? Shhalllazga!!


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