Monday, March 5, 2012

From Never Till Forever .. Part26

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this part is tooo long and shockinggg:D

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Ahhh I cant describe my happiness ..

I am finally with him ..

Me and him only us!!

I am hundred percent sure that they will be the best days in my whole life ..

In the plane ..

Yousif: 3a6eny jan6etech khal a7e6ha foug

Me: la la khalha 3endi 9ghera kho

Yousif: ana jan6at ba6ny ba7e6ha foug

Me: la ete3aiyar ou ta3al eg3ad

Yousif giggled: ok

He sat next to me ..

Yousif looked at me happily: hala bel zaaaain

Me shyly: hala feekk

Yousif: eshh hal jamal?

Me shyly: haw yousif ka’annek awal marra tshoufnyy

Yousif: kel ma ashoufech tefez 3youny math’houlaa

Me: aaah

Yousif giggled: ba3addd

Me giggled: eee gelt asayrek

The plane will take off ..

Yousif: 7ayate reb6y le7zaam

Me: 6ayyeb

We locked the seat’s belt ..

I started to say “du3a2 alrukoub” and “ayat elkersy” ..

Yousif looked at me ..

I looked at him wonderingly ..

Me: aish fee?

Yousif: laykoun tkhafeeenn??

Me giggled: laa2a bs ga3da agoul el ad3eyaa

Yousif: haha ya3ni khayfaa

Me: haw qa9ub?? Ma ygoulonhum 3ashan khayfen 3ashan rabbe ya7feth’hum ya 7athyy

Yousif: okk ashwannech geltehum 3ashan rabbe e7afthech wala ya7rmny minech

I smiled in a shyly way ..

Yousif: ya 7alat hal thaa7ka wallahhh

He kissed me ..

Me: aaahhhh akrahh shu3ouur lama tetsakkar athounyy ufff!!

Yousif: bal bal shda3waa!! Eklellech 7alawa wella 3elch

Me: walllaahh ye2refny elwath3 hathaa!!

Yousif gave me a chewing gum .. >>allahh abee chewing gummm;$!!<<

Yousif: hach wala ten’arfain

Me: shukraan!

I started to chew the gum ..

He was staring on me ..

Ok it’s a good thing innu etanne7 feeyya bs ma9akh’ha ya akhyy ..

Me: aishhh feeekk??

Yousif: you look hot wenty eta3alechain


That was disgusting!!!

I hate the chewer scenery eewwk!!!

Me: are you serious?

Yousif: of course I am!!! Enty hot eb kel 7alatech

Me shyly: ok

I opened the TV on a movie ..

Yousif: afa betjablen elmovie?

Me: eewa tebghany ag3ad ketha 6 sa3at?? 6afshhaa!!

Yousif: ana weyyaach

Me: ok? Yallah salleeny

Yousid smiled: shoufay shoufay

Ok mafe majal lel mujamala ana a6fash bser3aa ou I know eb paris ra7 ajabel wajhak 24/7 so khal 
ashoufff el film ..

Yousif got his ipad and started to punch on it ..

I looked at him ..

Me: aish ta3mel

Yousif: awanes nafsi

Me: 3arfaa bas eb aishh??

Yousif: al3ab Unblock me

Me: eeew twajje3 elras!!

Yousif: yabellaha mukh hathy shfahemech

I ignored his sentence ..

I was day dreaming ..

Yousif: SHAHAD!

Me: hmm

Yousif: shfeech mtan7a?

I’m not sure if I could say it loudly but I’ll try to ..

Me: I ..

Yousif wonderingly: shfeech kharra3teny!

Me: I miss him

I bursted into my tears ..

Yousif hugged me from the side ..

Yousif: 7ayaatee this is life!! I lost my father before maybe 10 years ou am ok with it!!

Me: but I am not!!!!

Yousif kissed my forehead ..

Yousif: I know 7ayate its hard at the begging ou 7etta later I miss my father like hell!! Bs ta3awwadt!

Me: I want him so badlyyy!!!!!

Yousif hugged me even tighter ..

Me: when did you lose him?

Yousif: I was 20!

Me: kaiff??

Yousif: he had a colon cancer

I felt his weakness ..

And his eyes were filled with tears ..

Me: ou kaif 9orta elly fe balek? Wehu ta3ban wella eb 9e7eta?

Yousif: 9orta elly fbaly youm kent basafer America for the first time when I was 18 years old gally deer 
balek 3ala nafsek ou la takhthek denyat’hum

A tear dropped on his cheeks ..

I wiped his tears ..

Me: lama re7t tadres?

Yousif: ehh

Me: ou did you take his advice?

Yousif ignored my sentence ..

Yousif: he left me alone!! But your dad left you with me ou its precious

Me: you have 3aziz and your mom!

Yousif: shahad obouy tewaffa wana eb amrica!!! Ou omy safarat seeda landan ou 3aziz tezawaj! So I 
was totally alone!

He broke my heart!!

Me: but not anymore!!

He kissed my cheeks ..

Yousif: I know 7ayaatee

Me in a sleepy voice: did I sleep?

Yousif: ee 7ayatee

I was leaning on his shoulders ..

Me shyly: ohh tawni ala7eth nemt 3alaik

Yousif teased me: 3alaaaiinna??

Me: wallah mastaw3abt!! 3asa bs ma 3awartek?

Yousif: la 7ayate it was the best feeling ever!!

I blushed ..

Me: ma nemt?

Yousif: laa!!

Me: why??

Yousif: ellyy eshouuuf el angel elly nayem 3ala chatfy musta7eel eqammeth


Me shyly: I wish I could see it

Yousif: bsss? A9awra next time

Ohhh myyy gooood!!!!!

Akeeda shaa3ryy manfouuushh ou wajhee mtaffaakhhh!!!

Ou eb kul theqaa atdalla3 ou akhjaal!!

I grabbed my bag and stood up ..

Yousif: waiin??

Me: 7ammam!!

I went to the bathroom to see that messy hair and a swollen face!!

That was embarrassing!!!

I combed my hair, washed my face ,brush my teeth and went back to him ..

Yousif: refreshing

Me: hahah kaif ta7amalt elly ana kunt feehh

Yousif: i fell in love with the sleeping beauty!!!

Me: ahhhhh

I kissed him ..

Yousif grinned ..

Me: kam bagyyy 6afashtt!!

Yousif: 6oul e6erej khamda eshola te6fesheen??

Me: heheh mdryy

Yousif: bagy sa3a

Me: yaaaaayyyyyy

The time passed until we finally arrived to PARIS!!

But unfortunately it was late!!

So I couldn’t enjoy the shopping ..

We went to Le Meurice hotel ..


The rooms kanaw ka’anna jalseen eb movie or something!!

And the location was very good ..

We took a small rest in our classic double room then we went to the champs elysees street ..

We sat in laduree, ate some dinner in the amazing weather ..

I love yousif!! And his way of treating me ..

There are a similarity between us ..

I mean his dad died and mine too ..

His mom is living abroad and my mom’s family not in Kuwait ..

He’s lonely and so am I ..

I love being with him ..

We are so romantic and I can feel the honey moon ..

We went back to our hotel ..

Me: ahhhh exhausted!!!

Yousif: hatha wenty shab3ana noum

Me: shayefny 3ala hal kam sa3aaa!!

Yousif: noum el3awafy

I ran toward him and hugged him ..

Me: akhhhhh I am DEEEPLY in love with that giant man in front of me ..

I kissed him ..

Yousif: ana giant???

Me: yesss dear hehe

Yousif: ma 3endech salfaaa

I took a few steps away from him ..

Me: babadel hdoumy dekht khannammm

Yousif: okk

I went to the bathroom -I know its weird bs lessa ma akhatht 3al wath3- ghayyart malabsy ou I wore 
my lace applique satin slip nightie from victoria secret and my hair was natural wavy ..

I went out of the bathroom ..

Yousif: mmmm hottt!!

I grinned ..

Yousif: come here lovely

I went to him and he started to kiss me ..

I pulled myself from him ..

Me: yalla ghayyer malabsak 7abebyy elwagt t’akhar

Yousif: la ana ba6la3 al7een


Me: 3ala fain?

Yousif: batmasha shway!


Me: laiiihhh?? Wesh 9ayer?

Yousif: mu 9ayer shay 7ayate bs I need to take a rest!

Me: take your rest here!! Why going out hal 7azza!!

Yousif: 7ayateee khala9 3ad

Me: aish elly khala9! Enta metzawwej ou it’s the first day in our honey moon tefham??

Yousif: 7ayate many m6awel!

Me: kan getly kan re7na sewa mu tkhaleny abadel!

Yousif: its ok

He kissed my cheeks and left me ALONE ..

Oh my god!!

What kind of people is that!!


I’m hundred percent sure that he have a problem or he received a bad phone call while I was 

I stay at the hotel alone ..

I read some magazines , took his ipad and played some games ..

Uffff 9arluuu sa3taiiinn!!! 6afashhtt!!

Ma9aaarattt wain elly mara7 y6awel!!

I decided to sleep!!

My alarm rang ..

Uhh it was Alfajer prayer time ..

I turned around and saw HIM sleeping in his clothes!!

He didn’t change!!!

Whats the matter with him!!

I went to the bathroom ..

Tejaddadt ou 9allait elfajer ..

I tried to wake him up but he didn’t respond!!

Be6aggag! A9lan I don’t think he is praying!!

I went back to sleep ..

I woke up at 9:00 am ..

And yousif was still asleep ..

9ij lai galaw ta3ref 9a7bak bel safar!!

I laid on my back and started thinking ..

What was the matter with him??

Why did he left me alone at the first night in our honeymoon!!

Suddenly he moved ..

I pretended sleeping ..

After a long time of moaning ..

Yousif: 7ayatee?

I ignored him of course ..

Yousif: 3umrii??

I ignooooored!!

He took the phone and called the restaurant to bring a breakfast 3ala golta “fancy” breakfast ..

Then he went to the bathroom and changed into his PJ!!!!!!!


After a while our breakfast arrived ..

He brought it to our bed and started to wake me up again ..

Yousif: shahoud

Ignoring ..

Yousif: 7ayaatee!!

Ignoring ..

Yousif: yalah baba goumay!

I started to moan ..

Yousif came closer to me and kissed me ..

Me: hmmmmm? What are you doing!!

Yousif: kissing the sleeping beauty

I pulled myself away from him ..

Me: leave me alone okk!!

Yousif: shfeechhh?? Whats wrong with you??? Did I hurt you or something??? Goullaaayyy!! Did you 
see me yesterday??

That’s weird!!!

Me: aishhh 7a9al lak jannaaiit??? Ma sheftny naymaa?? Ma tadree 3an nafsak aish 3amaltt emghayyaabb??

Yousif: shsawaitlech??

Me: you left me alone eb ne9 elaaiil!!!!! Ou re7t ma3ref fain ou ma3ref laaiih!!!

Yousif: hatha elly mza3lech bs?

Me: eewaaa!! Ou hatha shwayyyaa!!!

Yousif grabbed my hand and kissed it ..

Yousif: sorry 7ayatee

Me: fain a9refha sorry!! Goullyy aishh esalfaa!!! Kaif tkhallyy zojtak eb awal laila bel honeymoon!!

Yousif: kanat 3endi thurouff!! Ou I’ll make it up for you promise

Me: weshhh he thuroufek??

Yousif: magdar agoull!! Bs you’ll know sooner or later fine?

Me: no!

Yousif: please say yes!!

Me nervously: yes!!!!!

Yousif: love you!

Me: hate you!!

Yousif: ta3aly khanwaklechhh!!

Me: huh!

Yousif: khansa7lech yemkin terthain!!

Me: huhhhh!!

He pulled me toward him and started to feed me ..


I love him!!

He was treating me as a child!!

I really enjoyed the breakfast between his arms ..

After that we changed our clothes and I wore ..

My Miu Miu leather jacket ..

With my Yves Sant Laurent shorts ..

And my bottega veneta boots ..

We went to Eiffel tower ..

It was amazing!!!

And we ate some nutella crepe!!


Then we ate our lunch at FINDI in the Champs Elysees ..

Then we visit Louvre museum it was amazing!!

After that we went back to the hotel ..

I really enjoyed every single moment ..

I love Yousiffff!!

Once we arrived I went to the bathroom, took a shower and changed into my nightie ..

When I got out!!

I was shocked!!

Yousif wasn’t there!!

Nawy y3eeed elkarraahh??

I am hundred percent sure that THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIM!!

Why he didn’t tell me!!!!

I decided to wait for him and not to sleep luw she9eerr!!!

Enshallah yerja3 elfajerr!!

Ana na6raaa!!

I started to play with his ipad again and again ..

After 3 hours ou 7ajaaa!!

I heard the door’s opened ..

I raised my head to look at him ..

Ou yalaitny ma 6ala3t!!

That was unforgettable scenery!!

He was reeling!!

He was DRUNK!!!!!

 My heart started to beat so fast!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

Me in a shaking voice: y yousiff??

Yousif: rouu77 yousiff ennn ttaaayyy

He came closer to me ..

Yousif: a7ebech yaa be  nnttt entay et 7e beeny?


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