Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From Never Till Forever .. Part32

SORRY for the small post bs nazzalta 3ashankuumm:*


The doctor: she’s suffering from coldness




I grinned: that’s all??

The doctor smiled: yes, you have to eat that medicine 3 times a day

Me: ok

The doctor: and don’t wear that mini skirt in this weather!!!

Me: ok!!

The doctor: get well soon

Me: thankyou!

Yousif: lebsy 3adel!! Wain hatha el dlaq el 6weel elly talbesouna lebsyy!! Mu talbeseen tananer 

Me: enshallah ma albes dlaaq 6weel!

Yousif: 3an el3ayara thak elyoum shayfech labseta!!

Me: anaa???? Ayhooo!!

Yousif: hathak elly oho dlaq oho 9erwaal

Me giggled: OHH MY GOD JEJEEE!!!!

Yousif: haaa???

Me: hathak el tights

Yousif: eee elly aq9edaaa hatha lebsyy

Me: okk

Yousif: t9adgeen kent shak enech 7amel

Me: akhhh ana kamaan!!

Yousif: chan zain luw 9ej!!

El7emdellah mu 9ej!!

Me: ewaa!

Yousif: shrayech madam wa9len nsawwi fa79 mal zawaj! Ya3ni enta’akkad!

Me: 7abeby tara its too early maku da3y abdan!!

Yousif: I know bs khan3aref ya3ni!

Me: 6ayyeb!

Ok! Ou en 3arafna? He’ll do it over and over to make me pregnant!!

Ou sa3at’ha byestaw3eb enny akul 7boub man3 el7amel!!


Me: yousif

Yousif: amray 7ayatee

Me: ya3ni etha allah katab ou 7amalt ma t7es enna el yahel elly eb ba6ny ye7taj re3aya min both his 
mom and dad?

Yousif: akeed!!

Me: so enta lazem tatrek elmashroub 3ashan ta3ref trabbyy weldek 9a7

Yousif: 7ayatee getlech I’ll try my best!! Bs khal eye hal yahel


Me: 3ala fekra 7etta ana a7taj re3aytek so?

He kissed my forehead ..

Yousif: 7ayatee entay! I told you elmas’ala mu eb hasuhoulaa bs ba7awel 3ashanech

Me: ok!! Na6ra 3alaa nar elyoum elly eb tejee fe ou tgoulyy Shahad wagoullek ya 3youn shahad ou 
tgoully GE6A3TT!! AHHHHH

He hugged me from the side ..

Yousif: soon

We talked to the doctor and told him that we want to make the marriage check up ..

And we did the test ..

The analysis will be finished the next day ..

Yousif: yalla enred?

Me: laa khane6la3!!

Yousif: 9ij 3ayyara al7en tawch ta3bana!!

Me: lamma I throw up erte7tt!! Kella min el cheese burger elly akalt’ha 3alreejj

Yousif: salamtech, bs emshy elbait lebsy shay san3 edaffech ou ne6la3

Me: ya3ni khayef 3laayy

Yousif: min 9ijjech??

Me: ajal laiihh farra6t feny elyoum el9ub7??

Yousif: min gallech? A9lan 3ugub ma khallastay min el reception sa’alt’hum etha 7ajaztay ou wain 
re7tay galolly ou 3a6ouny raqam ghurfetech!

Me: 9a7ee7?

Yousif: 3ayal 7asbalech enty shwayya!!

Me shyly: mdryy

We went back to the hotel and I wore tights 3ashan kha6er yousif ..

Then we went to the Triumphal arch ..

I hate buildings but with yousif it was definitely AMAZING!!

We took an amazing pictures ..

I was blessed with him, he’s the reason of my happiness although of all his flaws!!

I love him and his love is daily increases ..

He’s amazing!!

Nobody would understand how amazing is he except for me ..

I am his one and only priority ..

He was staring on me ..

His stares made me feel my beauty ..

He was staring like if there was nobody except for me ..

Yousif: stop it khalaaa9 9ada3teennaa

Me surprisingly: whaat!!!

Yousif: your eyes couldn’t stop blabbing

I blushed ..

Me: stop staring 3ayal

Yousif: I canttt!!!

Me: what did my eyes blab?

Yousif: your infinite love for your Yousif

Me: that’s all?

Yousif: shinu fee ba3ad?

Me: ma galatlek enna el7ayat bedounek a9ba7at 7aja musta7eela?

Yousif: I think my eyes started to blab to you

I blushed!!!

Me: wow!! Akhaf 3younna twins??

Yousif: hahahaha no dear we are connected

Me: ya bakhteeee

He kissed me deeply and then we left to our hotel ..

Me: so elaila kaif?

Yousif: I am all yours!

I smiled in a shyly way ..

Youisf: 3ala fekra ams kent mjabel my cup of wine bs waaaishh jab lejaabb

He said the previous sentence while grabbing my waist and staring on me ..

Me: ohh really? Ana afthal?

Yousif: eb zalyoun marra!! Maku muqarana

Me: ajal 3alamek ma admantny?

He hugged me tight ..

Yousif: I am babe I am!!!

Me: hopefully!!

Yousif: qasaman bellah I am , cant get enough from you

I blushed ..

Me: I am all yours

Yousif: I know 7abebty

We stayed all the night together ..

It was sooooo romantic ..

I enjoyed every moment with lovely yousif ..

The next day ..

Yousif: yaallaahh shahadd gouuumaayy!!!!

I stretched my arms ..

Me: waaiineekk

Yousif: fechyy 3ainech ou tshoufeenn!!

I opened my eyes ..

Me surprisingly: oh my god meta 9a7aaitt!!

Yousif: gumt tesaba7t baddalt wenty shkheryyy!!

I was moaning ..

Yousif: stop moaning la aye a3ethechh

Me: wesh tha el3unff!

Yousif: you know what I mean!

Me: 3arfaaa aaaahhhh


Me: wesh 9ayerr lak? 9ayer nashee6 sh3endekk??

Yousif: e6la3at ta7aleelna bashouuuf!!

Me: yazeenhum elly e7atouuunn ma3goula t7eb lawladd

Yousif: ya3ni elyahel min wain eb ye6la3? Shloun ma tabeny a7ebbaa!!

Me: ba3aad 3umriiii wallah!

Yousif: kelshy mennech 7elu bs khal9ena badlaayy!

Me: ok ent jeebhum ou ana abadel 3ala ma tejee

Yousif: ok la’anna jad mafeny 9aber

Me giggled: ok ok

He left the room and I went to the bathroom ..

Then I wore my ..

Sonia Raykiel jacket:

With my Vivienne Westwood Anglomania skirt:

And my Versace booties:

I waited for him in the lobby ..

After a while he came ..

His face was disappointing!!

He was sad!!

Whats the matterrr with hiiimm?????

What was the result of the analysis!!

Me: khaaiirr????

Yousif: shahad!!

Me: tekallaamm!!

Yousif: ana mafeeny 3yal!!


  1. Akrah yousef .. Bkel part feh romance wedy aqtelhum ! ;p
    Thankku for the post!!

  2. Abaaayy ana akraahh yousef, jujuu all the wayy, bs 7araaam kan 7ail meshtaa6 :p yallaaahh nebgha the next postt ya 7lwaaaa, thankk youuu :***

  3. 1) i love your story.

    2) i can't wait for the next post!

    3) I love yousef! 7ada TEAM YOUSEF!

    4) i hate hate hate hate hate jara7, wja3 enshalla enta shako 7ata dash eb their honeymoon? i wanna shoot him, IN THE FACE!

    5) jara7 needs to get a life!

    6) shahad & yousef, perfect together!!

    7) POST SOOON!

    ps. i stopped reading blogs a very long time ago, but dunno how i got so addicted to this story!!


  4. ashwaaa! aham shay mu 7amel!*whew*
    bas madre a7es ga3ed yeth7ak m3aha! 3an ena ohwa ma eyeeb e3yal;/
    hal post mafeh 6arey jarra7 ghareba!;p
    post soon please! and THANKYOU<3


  5. Weeewh!! Ashwa mo7amil! To be honest yousef kisar 5a6ry ib Hal post a7isa he's becoming more serious with shahad bes still TEAM JARA7 all the way<3 and good luck on your finals :*

  6. I read the last sentence one million times!!!
    Btw love the story!

  7. pheww!! best post everr! :p i want shahad with jaara7 ...

    thanks for the post loved it <3 post soon :D

  8. Anonymous: YOU ARE THE FIRST<3!! Loooool wa3alayyaaaa;p .. No need:*

    S: LOOOOL I KNOW:: .. eee maskeennn;p Will beee soooon love:* .. NO NEED<3

    A3: 1)I LOVED YOUR COMMENTTT!!!!! 2)will be soon:* 3)awal wa7da eb hal post team yousif;p 4)loooool bethaaab6 lazgaaaa!! laaa 7araamm maskeeennn;p 5)EXACTLY!! 6)umm not really 7)I WILLLLL 8)THANKSSS ALOOOOT FOR THE LOVELY COMMENT ELLY JUST LIKE YOU:*!! 9)i am GLAAADDDDD TO HEAR THAT!! "your ps"

    nwaira: eeehh 7addaaa!!! loool matwaqa3 ya3ni 7adda metthayeg!!loool la mu awal marraa;p .. I WILL and NO NEEED<3!!

    Sarah: 7aaddaaaaa;p ,, eeeehhh he is serious with her ou e7ebha men 9ejjaaa LOOOL hal jarra7 ma 3a6ah ella rabbaaa;p .. THANKS DEAARRR<3 btw "midterms";p

    Anonymous: LOOOOL laiishhh feha badleyya?;$ .. THANKYOUUU<3!!

    Madliar: awal shaay WAINECHHH!!! kamlay ur story please please please!!! .. ou THANNKYOUUU GLAD YOU LOVED IT:D:* .. i knowww men awal shay wenty tabeeenaaa;p .. I WILL:*