Sunday, September 25, 2011


Me: wain?

Rakan: mukan ahda men hny

I nodded ..

I followed him until we arrived to a quieter place in the college ..

We both stood near to big palm tree ..

Rakan: merta7a hny? Wella ndawer mukan fee kersy 3ashan teg3edeen?

Me: la its ok

Rakan: sem3ay ana rayyal seeda ou ma3endi muqaddemat a9af9efha lech fa badesh bel mawthou3

I felt worried from his words ..

Me: ok

Rakan: men el akher ana abeech ou bakh6ebech men ahalech

I froze in my place .. my heart skipped a beat ..

Mixed emotions between happiness and worry


He kept on staring at me while I was silent then he smiled ..

Rakan while smiling: mumken?

I smiled back ..

Rakan while raising one brow and smiling: a3teberha ee?

I guess my face turned into a tomato in that moment ..

Me smiled: elmuhem?

Rakan laughed hardly ..

Rakan while giggling: wain baitkum?


Rakan: tara adellaa

I surprised ..

Me: shdallaak

Rakan: 7asbalech bs entay edellen baitnaa?

OHH NO!!!! shdarraaah!!! That was so EMBARRASSING .. Temannaaait el arth tebla3nyyy!!!!

Me: ana?

Rakan: dereshty e6el 3ashare3 7abait’ha eb thak elyoum

Me shyly: went kella mjabel eshare3?

Rakan: lama ykoun beshare3 nas nafsech a6el qasben 3alay


Me: ma3assalama

I turned to leave ..

Rakan: allah ysalmech

I walked fast until I arrived to the circle ..

I sat there while my heart was beating so fast ..


I smiled cheenny maynouna brou7yy ..

Suddenly Reema came to me ..

Reema: gamoushi wainech ams? Laish msakra jehazech? Kharra3teny 3alaich!!

Me: kan maly khelg a7ad

Reema sadly: 7etta ana gamoushi?

I don’t know why she asked me EB KEL THEQA although she knew my answer ..

Me: hmm I guess

Reema sit behind me and whispered in my ears: gamoushi a7ebech


Me: ana ba3aref shfeeny zoud 3ab ghairy elly chethy t7ebeny???

Reema: madri jad madri!! A7ebech ou bss!!

And all of a sudden fayo came ..

Thanks god she came!!

Fay: hala wallahh

Me: ahlaain

Reema: ufff!

Fay: el ekht shamma khyaas?

Reema: la wenty el9ajja shayfa khyas

Fay: ana ba3aref ana shemsaweetlech 3ala hal nafseyya??

Eee wallaahh ana abee a3areff ba3ad!!

Reema: entay tadren shemsawya ok!!

Haa! Shemsawya?

Fay: haw shsawaitlech? Shaku feech ana!!

Reema: ee eee teghaibay!!

Fay looked at me: abaihh tra hathy mu 9a7ya el7emdella wesheker!!

I was wondering what did fay do? That make sense!! Of course she did something wrong that’s why 
reema hated her that much ..

Me: ana lazem arou7 3endi class

I left them with disappointing ..

I wasn’t able to listen more ,actually I don’t want to know the truth! Knowing the truth will lead me to 
lose one of them! Ou ana mabe hashay e9eer!

I arrived to the class early ..

The doctor didn’t arrive yet ..

I took a seat and text manoura in BBM:




My pretty eyes <3<3


Elyoum 3ala kether ma stanast 3ala kether ma thag khelgi!!


Afa! Laishhh?:(


I felt disappointed toward reema and fay!




I cant say here! Lazem akalmech I’m really sad manoura!


Call me nw ou tell me!!


Magdar class awal ma a6la3 I will


Ok 7ayatte I’m waiting;*

Raghad entered the class room ..

Me: raghouuud

Raghad looked at me eb “ni9 3ain” and she tooked a seet away from me!

Me: raghad?

Raghad: don’t even try to say my name gmasha!!!

I SHOCKED!!! Is she raghad?? I don’t think so! That wasn’t raghad! What’s going on??

My eyes filled of tears I couldn’t say a word!!

I decided to leave the class ..

I collected my things and went toward the door ..

Raghad: ro7a bala radda!

I ignored her and went outside ..

I walked quickly to my car ..

I started to cry hardly ..

on my way ..

Rakan: gmashaa?? laish tabcheen?

I ignored him and walked fast until i arrived to my car ..

I called manoura when I entered the car..

Mnera: gamoush shfechhh?

Me while crying: manoura ehh madri shfeehum enass ehh

Mnera: 7abeeebty hadddaaayy ou goulelly Shsaar!!

Me: raghad ehh madri shfeeha 3alay ehh ga3da a7awel athakkar shsawaitlaha shttharrait’ha fee ehh

Mnera: 7ayatee 7ayate entay haddayy shway shway!!

Me: faj’a walla faj’a ou men ghair muqaddemat ehh

Mnera: enzain shsawwatlech!!

Me: awal ma dkhalat el class ehh nadait’ha chan ta7ger ehh nadait’ha mara thanya chan tsame3ni 7achy 

Mnera: shgalat?

Me: ena ls tyeben 6areyye 3ala lsanech ou chethy ehh

Mnera: khat6eer zain!! Men 9ijech tabchen 3ashan chethy!!

I calmed down ..

Me: ee mnera men 9ijjy ehya refejty men 3umer ou gayma ga3da ma3aha!!

Mnera: luw ehya 9ij 3adetech refejat’ha chan yat galatlech shfeha mu chethy faj’a!

Me: ee walla lazem tgoully ya3ni a3lam elghaib ana!!

Mnera: ou rema ou fay shfehum??

Me: kena ga3den ana ou reema wella teyye fay 6ab3an reema naffesat 3ala fay chhan yet’haweshoun

Mnera: way gamousha be6aggag entay shaku fehum tshelen hamhum!!

Me: manoura mu chethy esalfa!! Esalfa enna reema galat 7g fay entay tadreen shemsawya ou fay 
eteghaibaa elly thayyag khelgy enna shinu msawya fay elly khallat reema tekrahha hal kether akeed shay 

Mnera: haw!! Tra 9aa7 elmafrouth men gabel kentay testaw3eben enna fe shay wella maku a7ad yekrah 
cheethy men allah

Me: hatha ohwa!! 7asait elyoum enna kel rab3y ra7aw eb youm! 7asait wala wa7da yestened feha 
ethahar thag khalgy mneera!

Mnera: kashkash tra I’m still here for you beauty

I smiled: ou hatha elly m9aberny ana bedonnech magdar a3eesh

Mnera: 7ettan ana

Me: a7ebech

Mnera: akthaar

Me: yalla bye

Mnera: bye!

I closed the line and went back home ..

I arrived home ..

I went to my room immediately ..

I took my clothes off ..

I took a warm shower and wore a lagging with M&M’S t-shirt ..

Then I lay down on my bed ..

I started thinking about my friends ,my closest friends .. what happened today was really disappointing!!

I decided to call Raghad I need to know what was the matter with her!!

Raghad: na3am!

Me: raghad abe a3aref shfeech 3alay raghad entay refejty ana ma astaghny 3anech eb hasehoula abe 
a3aref sh9ayer! Sh9ar elly ghayyerech faj’a 3alay!!!

Raghad: 3ugub class esaa3a 10 wain kentay?

Hmm ohh I was with rakkan!!! What does that mean??

Me: bel jam3a!!

Raghad: weyya minuuu??

Ahhaa I am understanding!!

I mustn’t lie on her I have to say the truth!!

Me: rakan!


  1. LOOOOVED THE POST!!!! rakan mu 6abee3ii. Eyannen. !!! Rabi3haa e7eroouuuunnn, yahaaal!!!!!! shukraaannn awwwwii o lat6awleeen pls:*!! nxt post bacher (a)

  2. loooooooooooved it!!!! 7bebty gumahsa wayeed 6ayba , post soon plzz

  3. Y: thaaaaanksss deaaarrrr:* enshalllaahh:D

    Anonymous: thaaankyouuuu:* enshaallahhh!

  4. is this story real? Anyways loved the story but please write more don't stop! <3 Take Care Love
    -Anon ;*

  5. my story is a collection of real situations putted together to make a story .. thaaankyouuu;* .. enshallahh i will<3

  6. Amaziiiiing as always:D pllz post soon


  7. Raghad de3la tnarfz ma7abaiit-ha :| ba6g-ha

    I hope those two end up together o reema should go die! :p
    And post soon :D

  8. 7aaail de3laaaa;@!! enshallahhh why not;p i already posted;*