Friday, September 30, 2011


I felt more worried akrah esloub el omahat elly esawoun suspense gabel ma edeshoun bel mawthou3 we7na entanafath men elkhar3a!!

Me: shinu shessalfaa???

Mom: elyoum allah ysalmech daggaw yakh6ebounech

My heart skipped a beat!! I didn’t expect that!! Mu eb hassur3aa!

Me shocked: 9ijj?

Mom smiled: ee wallah 9ij

No no no I couldn’t believe it!! Wallah kent 7ail mtan7a mu m9adga!!

Wait akhaf mu rakan!!!! Laa allah la ygoulll!!

Me nervously: minuuu kha6ebny??

Mom: esmaa .. a3outhu bella men blees .. umm walla nesait bs ohwa weld al******

I BLUSHED!! Madam nesat akeed Rakan ..

Me shyly: enzain meta beyoun?

Mom: ma etefaqna 3ad getlaha enshouf elbent ou obouha ou ngoulech

Me: aha

Mom: ya3ni entay meste3edda 7g elzawaj?

It was awkward but actually I laughed ,I didn’t know what to say , ya3ni its yes bs fashlaa!!!

Me laughing: ma a7esny hahaha


Mom giggled: laishh ya7afeth?

Whew!! Please keep on insisting me pleeeease!!!

Me: hmm madri shay ghareeb bs yemkin ye6la3 mu ghareb ou ana brou7y 7asbaly ghareeb haha ya3ni 
maku mane3 njarreb hehe


Mom: haw shejjarbeen muu le3ba taraa

Adryyy adryy bs khannyy elta3beeer!!

Me: enna mu ajarreb bs ya3ni ..

Mom: gamousha etha ma taben tra mu ella entay tawech sgheera


Me: la abeeee!!

What a shame!!!! Bs I really DO WANT HIM!!

Mom giggled: 9ij wallah?

Me shyly: wallahh

Ok badda3ttt bs shasawi etha omy ma tefhamny!!

Mom: t9adgen gamousha ma hagaitech 3adi etezawejain


Me shyly: laish?

Mom: madri sema3t enna el twins mu bsehoula yetzawejoun

Me shyly: la ghal6aneen

Suddenly she kissed my cheeks hardly ..

Mom: 7abeeeebyy kubaar kubaaarr

Me shyly: haw ana kbeera

Mom: mu be3youni

I smiled omy tshaweg wallaahhh ..

Mom: enzain etha dagaw mara thanya meta taben agoulehum eyoun?

Me shyly: meta ma yaboun

Mom: la ya mama e7na elly n7added

Me: kaifech naggay

Mom: khalas etha dagaw nshouf

Me: ok

Mom: allah ywafgech enshallah

She left my room ..

I was smiling without stopping ..

Thinking of him make me blissful ..

I wore my PJ and laid on my bed ..

While Rakan was still in my mind ..

Until I slept ..

That was my day ..

Its Thursday ..

Hello weekend!! .. I woke at 10 , took a fresh warm shower and wore my off white H&M blazer with 
my three quarter ZARA white straight cut pant and my UTREQUE Sistine chapel print foulard .. I tied 
my hair into a law “kubba” and putted my DG sunglasses on it ..

I went to the college with a wide smile and an optimistic soul ..

My first lecture was with Raghad ..

She arrived before I did so I went to her place because things must be fixed, she was putting her stuff on 
the chair next to her so I sit on the chair next to it ..

Me: ahlaann

I was expecting a slap on my face ..

Raghad gave me that vile gaze ..

I smiled ..

My smile killed her I know!!

The class was BORING as always ..

When it finished I tried to call one of my friends her name was Noura ..

I wanted to sit with her all the break period but unfortunately she didn’t answer ..

I really didn’t want to sit with reema or fay ou raghad ma tabeny!

It doesn’t matter I will find someone to sit with shda3wa ya3ni ..

I went to starbucks I ordered my usual order and sit outside alone ..

While I was eating my mobile rang ..

Ohh its Rakan ..

My heart throb so fast ..

I picked it up ..

Me: alo

Rakan: hala wallah

His voice was AMAZING!!

Me shyly: hala feek

Rakan: ha shfeech ga3da brou7ech?

I turned my face left and right searching for him ..

Until my eyes fall on that adorable shape ..

A tall handsome man wearing a white Deshdasha and a white shmaq with a CATS 5000 brown rayban 
sunglasses ..

Akhh I was melting!!

I smiled against my will and BLUSHED automatically ..

Rakan: ha chenech sheftenyy?

He gave me that adorable pretty lovely sweet magnificent amazing smile akhhh I officially MELTED!!

Me shyly: eeehh

Rakan: shrayech teyyen elmukan elly ams?

With pleasure!!!

Me shyly: ok

Rakan: yalla ana asbegech ou le7geny ok?

ESHAWEEGG!! When he say a sentence and followed it with “ok?” ..

Me shyly: ok

I followed him with passion ..

Until we arrived to the same place ..

Rakan: shlounech?

What was he planning to say ya taraaa!

Me shyly: zaina

 Rakan: e7emm! Ma taben tgoulelly 3an shay?

I felt his hesitating .. hmm what did he mean?

Me: shay? Nafs shinu?

Rakan: a7ad kha6bech menny menak?

I smiled a wide smile and looked at the ground ..

He smiled back and looked at the sky ..

Me shyly: eehh

He looked at me and smile ..

Rakan: ou minu sa3eed el7ath?

Me while looking at the ground: wa7ed allah yaster 3alaih

He smiled and raised one brow ..

Rakan: shyengalla?


Me shyly: omy nesat shesma

Rakan giggled: eeeh esma 9a3eb haa

Me shyly: shwaayy

Rakan: ou shway khayes haa?

Me shyly: la 7asha ma shaf elkhyas

Rakan laughed quietly and whispered: E7ebbech?

I felt hot in my face and I think it turned to red ..

Me shyly: madry

Rakan surprised: afaa2 kel hatha ou ma tadreen!!

I BLUSHED!! I have to leave or I would melted ..

Me: rakan lazem arou7 3endi class

Rakan smiled: allah y7afthech

I left him ..

Ok enshalla mu kel ma ekalemny atna7ash bs shasawwwyy eslouba ma at7ammela!!

Suddenly I saw raghad ..

Raghad: nathla!

I SHOCKED!! That’s too much I am your friend enshalla ma tgolelly nathla che bedon muqademat!!

I got angry!!

Me: raghad!! Lazem netkallam!

Raghad: maku shay netkallam fee

Me: akuu elyoum ta3ali baitna!!

Raghad: no way!

Me: baitkum aw café ay shay!!

Raghad: mabe akalmech mu qaseb

I calmed down ..

Me: raghad please abe akalmech many m6awla!

Raghad: ok 3ugb edawam 3ala 6oul eb caribou elyarmouk

Me: ok

Raghad: la ayeee ma3ach wala teyen ma3ay kel wa7da eb sayyarat’ha!

Madry shel point bs I will accept it!

Me: 7aather

She left me without an excuse or even “bye” ..

I looked at my mobile wella I received an SMS from Rakan ..


“gmasha tara the way how you say my name is killing me”

Awwwhhhhh!!! Qasamaan bellaa naaa6e3!!!

“smella 3alaik 3ayal I will never say it”

“no please always do”

Yakhteee jameeeell!!


“and kill you?”


“Its enjoyable believe me”

Awwwwhh speechless!!!!

He used to draw the smile on my face ADORE HIM!!!

Ohh its 2:00 pm my class just started ..

While I was walking quickly to my class ..

Fay: gamouuuush

Me: hala halaaa

Fay: 7aram 3alaich tablesheny ma3a reema ams ou trou7een

Eff la tthakreeny ..

Me: eeh sorry

Fay: kashkash shfeech?

Me: mafeni shay bs 3endi class

Fay: 7aram 3alaich mu chethy esarfoun wait for my call haa

Me: ok

I left her and ran to my class ..

Time passed sloooowly ..

We took the quiz el7emdellah it was eaasyyy ..

Finally the class had done ..

I called raghad ..

Raghad: ana tawni wasla caribou el dr. 6ala3na mbacher

Me: ok kany 6al3a

I went to her ..

After like 10 minutes I arrived to her ..

Me: ahlan

Raghad: hala

Me: raghad abech tgoulelly eb kel wethou7 ou 9ara7a laish m3asba 3alay?

Raghad: kan 7elm

I looked at her confusedly ..

Raghad: bs you took it away from me!

I understood ..

Raghad: aqsed Rakan

I stared on her ..

Raghad: 6ab3an ra7 tgoulen la ohwa rayly wala kha6eby bs you have to know something

I felt worried from her words ..

Me: shinuuu??


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