Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The rushed decision .. Part34

Hamad: KHARA ZAIN!!!


Hathy awal marra asma3a yseb feeha!!

Uff jad mu nag9eta!!

I took a quick shower and wore those:

I went out of the bathroom..

Me: 7amad?

Haw where did he go!!!!

I went out of the hotel..

I was really starving so i went to Le brioche..

Me: do you have anything with fromage

The lady: mozzarella?

Me: ok and a cappuccino please

The lady: sur

She gave me my order and I sat down..



That smell!!

I took my mobile, instagram, Bandar_Alflani , no new post!!!

Its been a routine, to go through his account every single day to know about him because I miss him...

I miss every little thing in that MAN!!

I miss his face, i miss his shape, I miss his heart, i miss his voice, I miss his kindness and  i miss him by my side!!!!!

I started to drink my Cappuccino and remember his details..

His words and his smiles..

Its like a big part of me has been gone!!

And I cant live with the small part left!!

I need a miracle!!!

A miracle that could bring him back to me to throw myself on his lap and hug him..

*ana at3ab ana bel7ail at3ab ou luw galaw a7ebba gelt a7ebba.. 3ala el3eshaag mafeh shay a93ab min frag el a7ebba lel a7ebba..*


I was walking along the Champs Elysees and talking to Dania..

Me: ou shinu el list?

Dania: abee arou7 sky diving ou arkab wake board ou arketh min baitna lay baitkum ou arkab el 9a7an ou aghanny ou arou7 lembarekeya eb 3abaya ou berga3 ou emmm

Me while laughing: eshdaaa3wa ely yesme3ech egoul bedesheen sejen mu betezawejain!

Dania: wallahh ana adry ena elzawaj feeh shay men elqamta fa batnaffaahh

Me: ok tamreen amer im in

Dania: ou bagool 7g rayoum ou bayoub ou mahuu

Me: eeee ou min al7een agoulech mahu is out haha

Dania: adry thba7atna chena ma7ad metzawej ghairha

Me: hahaaa enzain mita kel hatha?

Dania: umm madry a7es a7la gabel elmelcha so i will try eny a'ajel elmelcha lain teyeen ou we do those things ba3dain amlech shrayech?

Me: this is 7amad!! Akalmech 3ugub

Dania: eff okay!

I closed the line and went closer to Hamad..

Me: 7amad

Hamad: zain 6ala3tay

Me: im sorry! 

Hamad: 6af!! Bs tra mafeeha shay lamma ashrab shay hathak kan yeshreba!!!! Ma kefart wallah!!!

Me: i know getlek im sorry!

Hamad: la t3eedeenha

Me: ok

Hamad: yalla 3ayl emshay ma3ay

I smiled: 3ala wain?

He hugged me from the side: wain tabeen?

I wasnt comfortable at all!!

3aks lamma bandar elemny!!

Mabeeh ehedny ou I feel safe and comfortable!!!

Me: anywhere!

We took a Taxi and went to Disneyland..

I miss thaaat place!!

It feels like youre in one of disney's cartoons!!

The weather was amazing and the atmosphere is to die for!!

The music took us 20 years back!!

Everyone there acts like a child!!

I wore minny mouse's head band and disney's hoody..

Hamad wore the same hoody I wore..

We played many AMAZING rides such as the elevator, its a small world, nemo's, rattatolie's, tea cups, buzz's and many more!!

We ate that DELICIOUS chicken burger for lunch and tasteless micky pizza for dinner..

We took pictures and ate popcorns..

We watched the afternoon's show and the night's show and they were BREATH TAKING!!

We did shopping at their CUTE shops!!

We really enjoyed our time and I forgot all the pain..

Me: akhh i wish i could live there!!!

Hamad: 9erna azyad min elyahhaal

Me: jaad!!

Hamad: enshallah enyeeb 3yalnaa 3ugub!!

I ignored his sentence!!

Wedy agoul allah la ygool!!

Fekrat el erteba6 eb ghair bandar 6oul el3umer etkhawefny!!

Me: dekhhht

Hamad pulled me closer to him: namay 3ala ma no9al!

I tried my best to keep my eyes opened!!

I dont want this to happen, to sleep on his shoulder!!!

He was running his hand on my hair..

Me: stop doing this!!

Hamad: laish sha3rech kha6 a7mar?

Me: madry!!

Hamad: walla la awakher kel hal3uqad ely feech

He kissed my cheek and whispered: a7ebech

Madry meta he will started giving up on me!!!

I smiled: merci

Hamad: there is no a small tiny a7ebek akthar? Aw rathy eb 7etana a7ebek!!

Me: haha! 


Hamad: 3ala ma tqasleen ou tbadleen ana banzel ashtery may!

Me: t7eb elshega!! Laish ma ta6leb men el hotel!!

Hamad smiled: ra7 tolheen 3aly?

Me: hahah ra7 akoun bel 7ammam either ways!

Hamad: yalla enshallah awal ma tkhal9een ana raad!!

Me: enshallah!

I went inside the bathroom to take a shower and changed into my pajama..

I went out and sat down my bed to apply some cream on my body..

And all of a sudden hamad came back and placed the water's bottles down, took his t-shirt off and went to the bathroom..

He didnt even say hi!!

Wayha kaaan makh6ouf!!!

I knocked the bathroom's door..

Me: 7amad?

Hamad: hmm?

Me: whats wrong?

Hamad: maku shay!


I am hundred percent sure that there is something wrong!!!

Shakla kelesh mu 6abee3y!!

I took his phone hoping to find something leads me to the truth!

A message or a phone call maybe!

Last message was from his bank..

But surprisingly the last phone call was from BANDAR!!!!!

My heart skipped a beat..



  1. Pooost plzzz!!!!!!

  2. LAAALAAA , laykoon galaaa walah im trying to put my position in hers bass wala itha tha3 min eedha hamad ra7 tit7asaf

  3. Loved the post
    Didnt think that the story will go this way..

    You just keep suprising me!
    And i love that
    Please post


    1. Thaaaaanks deaaar!!!

      Afaaa?:: elmafroith you expect the best from me:$

      Love you❤️️

  4. La2 7aram. Way a7es 8ahar! Maskeen 7amad. A7es that would kill a man's pride :(

    His friend 7a6 3aina 3ala his wife. Wallah etha bandar told 7amad ye6la3 9ej moo rayal! Oo rana- just get over it already! 3aib galbha met3aleg with another man, a7es it's considered cheating. Hamad is being faithful and true to her, oo shez not giving him a chance!

    1. Eeee 7adda yakser elkhaaa6er:(
      Eee e3awer elgaalbb! He would never do it sadgeeeny!! Galbha mu beed'ha;(! Ham 9a7!!

  5. omg omg!!!!!!!! is all I could say after reading the post, I feel so sad for 7amad 7aram he's been trying so hard w n she's not giving him a chance!! O lord I can't even imagine what would Bandar say to him, that would be such an awkward conversation, I have this weird thing where I think Bandar is dying and called 7amad 3ashan ywa9eeh 3ala Rana idk bs nevertheless I don't want 7amad to get his heart broken !

    1. Hahha a7eb chethy wallaaah!!!

      Eee 7adda maskeen:(

      Ana ely many m9adga enkum 7a6en eb balkum ena bandar!!!! Hatha maytekalaaam! Abbaih allah laygoool:(

  6. Laaaaa i need a new post ASAP!��❤️

  7. Just wating for that new post ♥.♥

  8. Dearest,
    we've missed you dearly. We hope everything is going well and we're so glad to be back and read your AMAZING stories. We're so glad to announce that we're back (+ back to posting!). Please stay in touch! And keep up with your surprisingly marvellous story, you truly are one of the best blogs out there! We can't wait for the upcoming posts!

    Lots of Love

    1. Aaaaa i misss you waaaaaay moreee!!! Wainkum ekhtefaitaaaw?:( i am the one who is glad heeeere❤️❤️❤️!!! Thaaaankyou so much wallah etyanenoooon!!! A7bkuuuuum