Monday, February 6, 2012

From never till forever .. Part11

Helloo lovlies;*

I think this post is full of "badleyyaat" atwaqa3 ta3awwadtaw 3al badleyat ou el gramer mistakes;$ bs hal post yemkin bezyada la'any ketabta ou ana eb 7ala "muzreya" ;p sorryyyyy;$

He was shocked!! E7egla when shahad al***** tgoulla sam ou amer ..

Yousif: la taksheten al7een class

Me: 3arfaa

I turned my face and walked in front of him ..

I had a feeling that he was staring on my back ..

So I suddenly looked back to catch him red handed ..

Wella he was gazing on me haha ..

When he saw me he turned his face immediately ..

I was laughing 3ala his stupid action ..

I entered the class then he entered it ..

Everyone was staring on me!!

I knew the reason!!

6oul el class ou Dr. yousif ywaze3 ley ebtesamat and I was smiling back haha he was definitely melting 

After the class he distributed the quiz’s papers ..

My name was the last name!!

So I knew enna be9eer 7aajatt!!

I was happy le’ana elomor ga3da temshy 7asab elly abghah!!

The class became empty ..

Yousif happily: and finally shahad al*****

I smiled ..

Me: finally!

Yousif: laishh ne6artay ma3anna you know enna ra7 takhthen zero?

Me: ma tsawweha dektor

Yousif smiled ..

Yousif: take

I took it wella it was full mark ou all the questions were answered ..

Me: woow 9ij enny genius

Yousif laughed hardly ..

Me: why laughing? Look at my paper its 10 out of 10!!!

Yousif: ee ana 7alhuum!

Me: whatever!! Elmuhem enna my name is written!!

Yousif: aham shay enech mestansa bel daraja!

Me: thankyou

I turned to leave ..

Yousif: shahad

Eeeh 6awwelhaa don’t let me go easily ..

Me: na3am?

Yousif: afaa wain sam?

Me: hehe sam sam

Yousif: mumkin a3aref shinu sebbab elta7awel sh9ayer bel denya

Me: ay ta7awel?

Yousif: gemty ta36eny way!!

Me: laish ma a36eek wayh dektory ou lazem a7termek

Yousif: aq9ed shelly taghayyar?

I want your money!!!!

Me: kanat nafsety mu shay ou al7en ta3addalat

He was sitting on the desk’s chair ..

Yousif: enzain ge3day laish wagfa “he pointed 3ala el desk”

Me: sure

I sat on one of the class’s chair ..

Yousif: olla shda3wa chethy wayed b3eeda ge3dy hnyy!!

Me: na3am??

Yousif: tadreen shloun khallech wagfaa!!

Me: ana ray7a tabe shay?

Yousif: etha gelt ee?

Me: goul shinu tabe?

Yousif: abeech

Me: astaghreb lama egololly mu7taram!

Woops ka’anny khabba9t!!!

Yousif: kelshay yakh6er 3ala balech asawwi ella enny al3ab bel banat , elbanat 3endi shay muqaddas

Me: hmmm kaif ya3ni??

Yousif: ya3ny salfat eny at7arrash eb bent kellesh mu 6ab3y! mabe lai tezawajt sharekat 7ayate 

Me: ya ana walad aw enta gumt tkharref!!

Yousif giggled: it was out of my control!

Me: 3ayal koun wathe7 ou goul salfat at7arrash eb bent “3amdan” mu 6ab3y will be better

Yousif: laa you are the only one elly weyaha I lost my control

Me: hmmm

Yousif stood up and came closer to me ..

Me giggled: heyya kharba kharba ta7arrasht feha marra ma yemna3 elmarra ethanya 9aaa7??

Yousif giggled ..

Me: bs ana sama7t lek marra, elmarra ethanya ma asma7 lek!!

I turned to left ..

Yousif: shahad

Me: thanks god mafe meftaa7 la elclass room

Yousif: I said sorry!

Me: you think its enough??

Yousif: noo!! Shahad!!

Me: na3am?

Yousif: mumkin tel7egeny 7g el office

Me: with pleasure!!

Yousif: my god how temperamental you are!!

Me: la 9arat 7ajtak 3end el dektor golla 3ammy

Yousif: ra7 a7awel afham 9a7!

Thanks god ma 3a9ab!!!

Ma3ref ma akhabbe9!!

He collected his things and I followed him ..

Yousif: you can walk beside me

Me: I know!

And I kept on walking behind him ..

Yousif: or at least in front of me

I giggled ..

When we arrived to his office ..

He took his key out and starting to unlock the door ..

Me: why did you lock your office’s door?? Ya3ni seriously shbebogon?? Kutub!! Believe me they will 

He entered his office and I followed him ..

Yousif sat in his chair ..

Yousif: they might steal this!! Or even this!

The first “this” he was pointing on the exam’s papers but the second killing “this” he was pointing on 
his car key!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what???

He has Ferrari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yalllaaaahhh loooove me now!!!!!!!

Me: wow Ferrari?

Yousif: Ferrari is my best!!!

Me: bs I prefer jeep for men

Yousif: I can hate Ferrari company right now and exchange my car into jeep bs ay jeep t7eben?

WOOOOOWW!!!! Well done shahaaaad!!!! Ana kha6eeeera!!!

Me giggled: a7eb jeep lexis bs you shouldn’t buy it tara!

Yousif: ma kent adry eny ra7 angad 7g bent chethy

Me: ana mu ay bent ya rajjaaal!!

Yousif: shahad

Me: na3am

Yousif: weddi a9ar7ech eb shay bs khayef men raddat fe3lech

Me: rajjaal 6oul eb 3arth khayef men raddat fe3el bent???

Yousif: 3ala goltech enty mu ay bent

Me: 9a7ee7 bs ma akel ana goul sh3endek?

While I was playing with my hair and looking at the ground ..

Yousif took a deep breath ..

Yousif: you are a good girl!! Ou I’m seeing you rare! Ghair 3an elbanat don’t ask me why!! Bss ya3ni 
awal ma sheftech nelty e3jabe shaklech 3ala thouqy hmm ya3ni 7abait shaklech ou youm tekalamtay 
7abait 9otech ba3daian esloubech I love every single detail in you!!

I looked at him ..

He stood up and sat in the chair in front of me..

Yousif: I mean .. I love you!

My heart skipped a beat ..


Me: shukran  

Yousif: maku feelings toward me??

Me: mu 3an feelings enta mu awal wa7ed egoully chethy ou akeed mu akher wa7ed!!

Yousif: akeed!

So tell me youuu wannaaa marry meee!!!!!

Me: so ..

Yousif: maybe they love you bs mu want you

Me: ma t7es enek kebeer 3ala ketha?

Yousif giggled: kethaa?

Me: eewa kethaa!!

Yousif: laish kebeer?? Tawni shabaab

Me: shabab?? Etaqy allaahh wesh khallait lena

Yousif: la tshoufeny qetra we3gal gelty shayeb bacher ayyech bel badlaa ten9admain

Me giggled ..

Yousif: chum 3umrech? 22??

Me: eewa

Yousif: ma bainy ou bainech shay ana 36! Shabaab!!

Me: my gooood!!! 14 sana bainy ou bainek!

He smiled ..

Me: mestanes? 3ajbek t9er eb sen abouya??

Yousif: khuffy 3alaina sen abouky 7aram 3alaich

I giggled ..

Me: 3ayal laishh mestanes

Yousif: metfa’el wallah

Me: ohh ou shelly khallak etefa’al?

Yousif: madry wallah ehtemamech eb mas’alat el3umer tbasher bel khair

Me: hmmm 7elu etafa’ol     

He smiled ..

Me: asfa etha fee futhoul eb su’aly bs abgha a3aref ent metzawej??

Yousif happily: thanks god not yet

Me: shfee ezawaaaj?? Shda3wa thanks god

Yousif: ezawaj neqma la 9ar 7g ghairech

I looked at the ground shyly ..

Me: ent elwes6y??

Yousif: la2!

Me: ajal?

Yousif: le9gheer, laish?

Me: ana ba3ad le9gheera

Yousif: la y7oushek dalou3a 3ayal

Me: mdal3eny bs mu dalou3a!!

Yousif: kafuu

Me: elwes6y kela ekoun 3azef 3an ezawaj

Yousif: ana le9gher ou fougy okhouy 3abdel3azeez

Me: bss?

Yousif: eehh

Me: ou okhouk metzawej?

Yousif: ee metzawej ou 3enda 3yal

Me giggled: 3ayal akeed elwalda 7anna 3alaik betzawjek

Yousif: ghayry elmawthou3

Me wonderingly: 6ayebb

Yousif: excuse me

Me: ok

He lit a cigar and started to smoke ..

I stood up ..

Me: ok 3ayal I have to go

Yousif: etha elree7a az3ejtech a6afehaa

Me: la bel3aks a7ebha bs 6awalt 3endi classes

Yousif: ok 3asa estanastay

Me: ma thayyaftny ya3ny 3aib 3alaik

Yousif laughed hardly ..

Yousif: shteshrebeen??

Me: 3ugub shinuu??

Yousif: la 9ij wallah

Me: walla amza7 ma3ak

Yousif giggled: elmarra elyayyaa

Me: etha feha marra yayya

Yousif: ta3alay!!

Me smiled: enshallahh

I left his office ..

Hmm to be honest he’s sweet!! Bs still ma bala3ta a7taj wagt!!

Aham shay he loved me!!!!!!!

The time passed until a went back “f7ai7eel” ..

Once I entered the house I saw jarra7 in the living room ..

When he saw me he stood up ..

Jarra7: shahad!!!


Me: hii

I headed to my room ..

He followed me ..

Me: wesh tabgha?

Jarra7: omy galatly 3an elly 9ar 7g obouchh!!


  1. LOL yousif walla ya3jbni !!
    el 6ool 6ool bgara w el 3agel 3agel bgara
    9adgeeni they deserve each other
    bs olaa the age difference is too much
    allah ehadach chan 9a'3artee shway,
    hatha shayb! ;p

    thnx ;*

  2. Hehe I'm with darliam :p chan 9'3rtee shw ... Lovely post thanks sweety ♥

  3. Darliam "el 6oul 6oul n5ala o el 3agel 3agl 95ala :p "

    ouch jarra7 found out :/
    thankyou for posting :* love you xx

  4. Loved the post!

    Wallah yousef elouglaha, bs she should confront him ena ubooha khesar w takser 5a6ra 3ashan takseba ;)

  5. Darliam<3: la3aaabtay eb om elmathaaal::!! looool yemkin wallaahh;p .. ahhh 3ala hal age elly thab7ech bs la tkhafen i'll find away 3ashan terthain;p NO NEED!!!<3

    Gogo<3: loooool!! THANKYOUUU<3!! noo neeed;*

    Madliaar<3: 9aa7 lsaanechh loool tedodaht garaita 60 marra yarabbe im sure enna maku bgara belmawthou3 looool . THANKYOUUUU<3!! eeeh;( .. NO NEEEED<3 LOVE YOUU MOREEEE;****

    Anonymous: THAANkYOUUU<3!! eee elmafrouuuthhh!

  6. I love yousef! abeeha ta5th ildr yousef ;p haha TEAM YOUSEF!:P thanks 4 posting bass momkn 6alab? ;p
    ma3alaich amer can u please post another one tonight (a) what to do ba3ad ur readers 6ama3eeen LOOOL

  7. LOOOOOOL eee wallaahh team yousif=))!! NO NEED!!!<3 .. gelt men gabel my readers YAMROUUUN!!! i will try my bessst to post tonight bs ma aw3edech cs elyoum kan my by force registration fa ma medany akteb shaay!! i will start from nw 3ashan my lovely anonymous ou enshallah akhalsa;* ee wallah 6ama3een bs shasawi feekum i love you loool;p

  8. wee wa5izyah nesait 3n salfat il jam3at wl by force dam chthiii i5thy ra7tch 7abeebti ! & i wish u all the best of luck ;**
    may2mr 3laich thalem ;$ glt-ha mn gabl w ra7 a3eedha inty A7SAN blogger bl blogosphere ;*!

    -lovely anonymous ;p

  9. Lovely Anonymous<3: looooool 3aaadii!!! ou thaanks god kammalt jadwelyyy:D THANKYOUUU<3! waaaaaayy love you love you love you;$ TONIGHT NEW POST ENSHALLAHH!!