Sunday, January 12, 2014

The rushed decision .. Part2

Helloooo beautiessss<33

Im soooo happy to read all of that feed back from youuu fa THANK YOU SO MUCHHH and KEEP GOING<3!!

I wrote this post myself and I know how long it is but i couldnt wait until tomorrow to post because of your SWEEEET comments<3!

Me: ha 3azouza
Mom: mu tensain elyoum el soft opening mal ma7al shayookha bent 3ammy!!
Me: ufff eee maly khelg
Mom: mu maly khelg lazem teyyeen ehya mlazma kelna neye
Me: 6ab3an tabeny ayye 3ashan asawelaha da3aya eb my account 50 alf followers anfa3haa
Mom: la tdesheen bneyat'ha
Me: elmuhem i have a yoga class magdar ayye
Mom: enty ou yogtech!! Ta3alay bs!!
Me: ou ma3endy dress yedeed ou i spent all my money eb dubai ou ely obouy 3a6any ham khalesaw
Mom: ashtereelech dress 3an elteneghez
Me: jna6y kelhum shayfenhum
Mom: ya mas'halha
Me: ou i need shoes
Mom: al7een a6resh lech visty ma3a shaikh ekhtheha ou rou7ay tesharray awal mate6le3een men eldawam ou eshtery the bottle clutch min chanel ana dagait 3alaihum ou 7ajazt'ha 7g mimi ekhtech
Me: allaaaah ana abeehaa
Mom: la maku ehya gayla tabeha gablech
Me: 3azoza may9eer ana akbar menhaaa!!
Mom: yalla yalla bye bye khal a36y shaikh el visa mesta3yela 3endi maw3ed salon
Me: goulay 7g fadwa bayyeha 3al 6
Mom: enzain yalla bye

I finished my work and went down to Salhiya complex with my fellow "Talal" to buy me something for tonight's event..

I love to go shopping with Talal because he knows what fits me and what doesn't..

Me: what do you think?
Talal: WOW! Khayaal 3alaich! Matloug elmaxi skirts ella 3alaich 6oulech e6alle3ha
Me: waaaaay mashkooor wallah!! 3ayal akheth'ha??
Talal: 7addaa eeh!
Me: enzain enta 3endek shay talbesa?
Talal: eeh tawni rad men Paris ou tares elkabat
Me: khoshh 3ayal khal a7asebha
Talal: matabeen top ma3aha?
Me: maku shay 3ajabny bashof ma7al thany!
I sat down and waited for my skirt to be packed..
I was absent minded thinking of tonight's event..
But my ringing tone interrupted my thoughts..
Me: hiiii
Dania: hala wallah!! Ranoooy elyoum efteta7 ma7al shaykha cousin omech akeed 3azmetech 9a7?
Me: eeeh
Dania: ou mahu ma3zouma ba3aad!! Im jealous wallah!
Me: waay ma3a6ach ma3a6any belqaseb baroo7 kelesh maly khelgg!! 
Dania: walla ma3endech salfa
Me: i have a yoga class elyoum ou im dying to go!!! Men gabel la nro7 dubai mu ray7aa
Talal: rana look at this shirt mu khayal?
Me: ee bs not for the event
Dania: hob hob is it 6ALAL??
Me: tesme3een?
Dania: reddayy!
Me: eeh!
Dania: ana shgaylaa!
Me whispered: he's the best shopping buddy danooy!! At least may7en
Dania laughed so hard: ana ghal6ana dagga 3alaichh
Me: manestaghnyyy

I bought an elegant maxi skirt from dior and a sophisticated embroided shirt and a chanel bottle clutch 7g mimi:)!

Me: yallah 3ayal ana bared ent wain safe6? 
Talal: Ta7at nafs kelyom
Me: 3ayal emsh

At the parking..

Me: yalla bye
Talal: ta3alay abe hathak el web site ely geltely 3annah
Me: eee we sorry nesait adeza enshallah adeza lek al7een
Talal: rana 7abebty entay la tdezena naqleneyah abrak lanna adry btensain
I giggled: sorry sorry walla adry 7addy nassaya bs hak ekteb U R B A N O U T F I T T E R S 
Talal: haw eshfeeh hatha e6ale3na chethy chenna sham khyas?  Nas metkhalfaa
I turned around to see that man he was talking about to see..


  1. Aghh 7aratne her personality tnrfffz w minu talal?:: , good job keep going pretty lama♡.♡ -abeer

  2. i loved it bas its short :( bas ma 3laih klshay mnch 7luu! ya36ech il 3afyaa:* w ee mnu talal? tweet about him :p -44

  3. ee w yala ya jma3aa kl wa7da tgra hal post comment wansaw lamlam tstahel walaađź’—-44 xx

  4. Mnu Talal?
    Loved the post!! Please post soon <3


  5. 6alal yishteghil weyaha bil dawam??
    And great post loved it!!

  6. Lovely , wayd mt7msa 7g alnext post xx

  7. Its such a short post but we're thankful that you posted <3 We can't wait for the next posts! We have a very good feeling that this story is going to turn out a hit (like the rest, but this is an exception!).

    Lots of Love

  8. Waaaayy wanasaaa yakhee lama agra your stories a7es bsa3adaa mu 6abee3yaaa welcome backk, elstory mbayeen enha 3ajeebaa waiting the next post!!

  9. Who's Talal??! 7asaita dalou3 idk why... Btw great post!

    SUPRISE US BY POSTING TODAY????! Ok lol I'm sorry adry wayd ta3bnach bas make it soon please I'm so addicted to this!!

    -Aye Jay


  10. It's Lovely seeing you have already made a start in that glorious-looking story, just thinking about the fact that you're still posting is sending me such a huge amount of positive energy.

    It's obvious that you're making lots of effort and appreciate it.
    I certainly will stay in touch with your blog and read your posts

    Keep it up
    Love you

  11. I love your storiesssss xxo
    Keep it up <3

  12. ana tawee badya a new story id love for you to read it ! 8i9a kuwaitiya!'

  13. Welcome back lamlam we missed u:*
    Who's 6alal? and thanks for your appreciated efforts