Monday, September 15, 2014

The rushed decision .. Part26

Hello all..

Bs bagoul enkum a7san nas bel3alaam 7asait men your questions ou mentions enkum mataboun ethaygony 7eta ou entaw methaygeen bel9ej!! 7etta luw shu3oury ghala6 dont tell me it is!! Khalouny mestansaaa:$!

Wallah a7ebkum<33!!

Ou 3al comments I couldnt reply the last two posts comments bs I will do soon, promise<3

Excuse my grammar I wrote half slept..


Bandar: asef asef!!

Me: 3ady 3ady bs akrah afel sha3ry!!

Bandar: tra ma falaita bs nazzalt elshabba9a lanna 3abaly nemtay

Me: I know!! Ya3ni you were planning to!! 

Bandar: balahaaa!!

Me: tara mu qa9dy shay bs jad ma7eb

Bandar: la7atht 3umry ma sheft sha3rech mafloul

Me: a7es shay nafsy el7emdella welsheker!! 

Bandar: men 9ejech?

3addalt ga3dety ou 6ala3t bandar..

Me: walla bandar many 3arfaaa afellaa atnarfazz!!!

Bandar: ghareeba walla! Ana ashouf kel elbanat efeloun sh3ourhum ma3ndehum mane3

Me: eeh bs I never do!

Bandar: enzain tgoumeen namshy?

Me: sure!

I fixed my messed hair and walk with Bandar..

Me: shloun elsheghel? 3asa everything's ok?

Bandar: eee el7emdellah elyom waqa3t 3aqd ma3a a7san mukan e3allem 6ebakh el pizza ou el ravioulli

Me: mmmm!! And that what you will serve in your restaurant?

Bandar: enshallah bs ma3a shwayat ethafat etkhally el6abaq belongs to my restaurant

Me: interesting! Bs mat7es inna its too late? Ya3ni your restaurant almost khalla9 went lail7een madarrabt el chef?

Bandar: 7abbait a6wer el quality mal el akel ou kallamt'hum 3n 6areeq el email ou ohma ely 3a6ouny haltareekh

Me: 7asafa!

Bandar: lat7ateen already had my plan b!!

Me: enta 3ajeeb mashallah!! 

Bandar: teslemeen!! Ra7 asta3mel el6abakh elmusa3ed mal ma63am el mangaf lanna hnak ma3alaih soug kethr elbede3 ou bakhalleh yeshteghel eb ma63am eldeera enshallah lain ekhale9 hathak dawreta ohwa ou musa3edeenah

Me: t'haga bela7eg brou7a?

Bandar: enshallah! Lanna fel bedaya mara7 a7e6 kel el6awlat fa elma63am mara7 esheel akthar min 25 shakh9 bnafs elwagt!!

My eyes popped out and I screamed: MASHALLAH YOURE SMART!!!!

He smiled: ba3th min ma 3ndech!!

Me in a shayly tone: bandar?

He turned around: hmm?

Me: who's your new auditor?

He smiled: agoulech shay?

Me: gouul!

Bandar: I always have my perfect auditor  bs I asked you to work with me le aghrath okhra *he blushed*

Me shockingly: OH MY GOD 3AYYAAAARRRRR!!!

He giggled..

Me: bsss nice try!! Wallah machethabt youm gelt enek smart!!

Bandar: i am smart in doing everything except having you!!

I whispered: you still have time bandar!!

He stopped in his place, turned around and lowered his head to talk to me..

Bandar: Rana ana 7abbaitech!!! Mu bs 7abaitech ana takhayaltech zoujty!! Takhayyalt kel eltefa9eel elly ba3d elzawaj!!! Takhayalt shahr el3asaal ou baitna ou 3yalnaa ou kelshay 7elu!! Bs lamma arja3 btafkeery 7g elwaqe3 etheeeg khelgy!! Anqemet!!! 

Bandar: shefty hal la7tha hathy?? Ely ana wagef feeha jedamech ou taf9elna inchat?? Bet9eer khayal 3ugub!!! Khayal musta7eel e9eer waqe3!!! 

He turned around and whispered: musta7eel!!

I took few steps toward him and hugged him from his back..

I can feel his goosbumps all around his tummy..

I smiled: hmm? Sh9aar?

He slowly brought his hands closer to mine and held them..

I layed my head on his back and whispered: i love you!

Bandar turned around and whispered back: i love you more than ever!

I smiled: keep going!

And all of a sudden he held my face using his huge hands and said: mabe ashouf 7ayat mafeeha entay!!

Me: kelshay eb eedek!!

Bandar: a7ebbech bs ham a7eb a3eesh weya ahaly! Ehemny ykounoun ratheen 3anny!! 


Me: waay mama shfeech chenny awal marra asafer brou7y!!

Mom: ga3da a7ateeech!! El3ada min t6ebeen deera tkalmeeny al7een keleshh!!!

Me: mama getlech mobily mu gam yalge6!!

Mom: bnayte 3afya mu t3eedeenha!!

Me: sure!!

Mom: ou kelyoum kalmeeny!! 

Me: enshallahh ba3ad shtamreen feeh?

Mom: salamat galbech!!

Me: mamaa!!

Mom: ha mama?

Me: entay tad3eelly?

Mom: haw!! Shloun ma ad3eellech!!

Me: shtad3eelly?

Mom: ad3y enna rabby yes3edech ou ekabber 7athech ou yarzegny berrech ou jannata el3ulya

Me: mama rakzay 3ala part elsa3ada

Mom: mama entay metthayga?

I took a deep breath and swallowed my tears: ma7ad yethayag eb Italy believe me!!

I felt her smile: enjoooy mama!!

Me: will do!!



Bandar gave me a wondering stare: na3am? Minu kiko!!!

I giggled: waaay! Ma7al ma7al hatha elma7al esma kiko!!

He smiled in shyly way: shebee3?

Me: makeup!! Mimi ekhty tmouuut 3ala their product khandesh!

Bandar: deshay ana an6erech hny!!

Me: laa shinu mabe adesh brou7y ta3al ma3aay!!

I said the previous sentence while pulling him inside..

Bandar's complaining: ana akhrat elmatamma adesh ma7al mekyaj!!

I was enjoying that though haha!! 

The man: Bonjourno!!

Me: bonjourno, I want the best products you sell!!

The man: our primer is amazing

Me: what else?

He grabbed a blusher..

The man: try this blusher its so natural and it glows your cheeks in a very nice way!!

Me: ha bandar shrayek? Akhtha lah??

Bandar: ana mestaghrab!! Ma7al mekyaj shaku yeshteghel hatha feeh! 

I giggled: jaweb su'aaly ou khallah 3annek!

Bandar: kaifech!!

Me: umm I dont know! Is it really good?

The man: let me try it on your face 

He held my face and try to aply!!


My eyes popped out ou 7addy en7arajt!!

Me: BANDAR!! Shfahema 7aywaan!! Latzeffah he's doing his work!!


Me: bandar ehdaaa!!

Bandar took the blusher from the man bkel defasha and went to a girl was also working there and gave her..

Bandar: Please try this on the senyora's face

The girl: sureee

I whispered: la la mu men 9ejjek

Me: he already try it on my skin! I want three from it and a collection of lip sticks and 3 mascaras your best mascaras

The girl: certo!!

She brought me all the stuff and wrapped them together, Bandar paid and we went out..


Bandar: lanna its my job!

Me: hahaha ana 3ndy ma3ash ou hathail mu 7aggy fa kelesh mala da3y tedfa3 ou MALA DA3Y TZEF ELRAYAL!!

Bandar: azeffa ou azef ahala el7aywan!

Me: oh my god bandar watch your language!

Bandar: ana mu fahem shloun tesme7eellah!!

Me: lanna its his job mu ga3d yetlazzag elrayyal!!

Bandar: enzain sem3ay!!

Me: shinu? 

Bandar: Ana msaweelech mufaja'a 

I smiled automatically: waaain!!

Bandar: lamma no9al tshoufeen!!

We took a taxi and went to somewhere.. 

I was sitting in the back seat alone..

Bandar was sitting in the front..

Bandar: ha dalaitaay?

Me: not yet!! Give me a hint shda3waaa??

The taxi driver: she wants a hint??

Bandar: yes

The taxi driver: its the best place on Italy!! Or lets say on earth!!

Me: OOOOHHH!!! Drive faaaster!!

He giggled: will do

Bandar: ma3araftay?

Me: laa


Me: OH MY LOARD!!!! This is venezia!!!!!

Bandar smiled: eeh!!

I threw myself on his chest and hugged him.. 

Me: waallah ennek etyannen ou maku nafsek!!!

We took a private boat and went to venezia..  

*Ya aghla min rou7y 3alay, ya a7la shay ou aghla shay, en gelt a7ebbek sheftaha halkelma fee 7aggek sheway.. Galbe elly men shougah yejeek yeghar min 7ubby 3alaik.. Ma y7ebbek ella ymout feek ou e7esek agrab minny leeh ya aghla min rou7y 3alay.. Atnaffesek methl elhawa wa7tajek lejar7y dewa, mademt ana wenty sewa min denyety mareed shay.. Ekhtheeny min denya el ana ou khaleeny fee 7ethnek anam.. Daggat galbe lek kalam ta7keelek elshoug ely bey.. Ya 7uby ou denya elhana ma3ref bedounek min anaa.. 9erty lnethar 3ainy sana 9ertty lhajeer el3umr fay.. A7ebbek le7ad eljenoun washeelek bwas6 el3youn wathelek bremsh ou jefoun ya aghla min 3ainy 3alay*

Bandar kan 7a6 hathy el ghneya bel6ereej..

I love that song and I know he means every word in the song..

The weather was amaaazing and the sceneries were breath taking..

But the best thing was bandar's chest..

I was laying on his chest the whole time..

It was the most comfy chest after my mom's..

He was playing with my pony tale and singing with abdulmajeed..

I enjoyed every moment in that day..


Bandar: I love you more

Me: hahaa!! Khanshouf el kiosks

Bandar: yallah!!

Me: look at those masks eyaninoom!!

Bandar: tabeen?

Me: laa bs agool!

Bandar: shoufay hal baqma!!

Me: You call it baqma????

Bandar: ee shetsamenha?

Me: pendant! Aw qalb ya3ni!

Bandar: 7elu?

Me: eeeeh! 7g bnt ekhtek?

Bandar: jarbeeh!

It was a small pendant 3ala mask, a timy mask m3allag 3alselsela..

I tried it..

Me: amazing!!

Bandar paid for the pendant..

Me: e9ber khal afsakh'ha khal t7e6ha bchees!!

Bandar: la tef9ekheenha! It fits you!

Me smiled: 7aggy???

Bandar: eeh!!

I cant stop smiling: alllaaaah this is the best gift ever!!!!

Bandar: mu gadrech!!


Bandar pulled me closer to him: a7eb kelshay feech wallah el3atheem!!!!


I slowly opened my eyes..

I didnt want this day to come, because it was the last day in Italy..

I wish bandar could stop me from traveling!!

I wish he could marry me!!

I cant believe its the last day for me with him and I will go back to kuwait to marry his friend!!

I really cant imagine how will I say goodbye to him!!

I left my bed, went to the bathroom and changed my clothes..

I was busy packing my bags..

Me: ufff I forgot my tooth brush!!!

I went to the bathroom to take it and while I got out I noticed a small paper down my room's door..

I lowered my body to take it..

*Dear Rana..*

And it was from bandar!!


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    1. Alla alla alla alla🙆!! Laish kel halza3al?! I explained my reasons many times:(!! Ba3ad chood??? Wa3alayya 3alaaay:::! Me tooo you made my daaay bur comment❤❤❤! You'll see what will happen soon and you'll like it enshallahh❤️! Looooove you toooo meeerciii❤❤❤❤❤❤


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    1. Waallah im trying my best because I know you deserve it!! Sure enshallaaah❤ laaaish?:( a7ebhum::!! He issss:(

  6. Waaaaaay hal bandar law mtzwaj rana jad ba9er heart break w 3afya y3nii make them end together tukfain dont break a love bond like that;'( waiting la 6awleen 3laina please;**

    1. Yeaah 7adda:((!! LOOL la tge6eenha braasy im just a writer who shows reality x_x!! Enshallaaah❤

  7. Laaaaaa22222!!!!!!

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    7aram 3alaich t3algeeeena!!

    Atmana the next post ekoon soon. Moo nafs last time ;p

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    1. OMG!! Elkel gam e3ayerny::: wallah mu hathy elneyya bs 9ar ely 9aar:(! Meeerci you made my day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Do not call me "thalma" i really hate it:(((!! 7aaad'hum!!! 7adda he shouldddd!!! Ok yetzawajha then what?? Ered lekwait ou ehya?? Ou obouha tetwaqe3ain mayegdar yo9alha? Its not that easy!!

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