Saturday, July 19, 2014

Katkouta's kitchen

Elsalaamu 3alaaaikuuuum<33

a7es bagouuul wayed ashyaaa'!!

I missss youuu i miss this blog i miss posting i miss ranaaa i miss everythinggggg!!!

adryyy enna kelkum m3a9been 3alay ouu yemkin 3a9abttaw zyada enny manazzalt a new part bss wallaahhh ana tawni m3aaa6la ou 3endy malyouuun shay asawwyy fa katkouta kitchen doesnt need an inspiration ou it takes less time than a post could take!!

Anywaaaaaaayy!! enshallahhh ra7 areddd bquuuwwaa:D

enjoooy thisss recipe faj'aw ahaalkum ou 9edmouuuhum eb qudraatkum elmakbouuutaaa::: makbouuutaa atmanna tlouuuug:p

eee ou about your comments your PRETTY AMAZING comment i'll be replying them soooon!! magdaar a7ger yourr gorgeous-ness:'(!!


ee ou mbaaraaak 3alaikum baaagy elshahaar ou allah ybaleghkum lailat elqader yarab<3

Today's recipe is the berries trifle:


- One and a half Saralee cake box.
- Caramel.
- Frozen berries.
- Two thick cream cans.
- Two tbs of dream whip powder.
- One can of 7aleeb mu7alla.
- One raspberry box.
- One blackberry blox.

1- Cut the pound cakes into slices and place them in a bottom of a bowl.
2- Pour some caramel syrup.

3- Add the frozen berries. (I used only raspberry)

4- Prepare the white sauce (Thick cream, dream whip, 7aleeb mu7alla) blend them together.

5- Pour the sauce on the frozen berries and repeat step 1, 2, 3 and 5 two more times.

6- Wash the fresh berries very well and let them be dried and decorate the dish.

7- Put the dish in the fridge for at least one hour before you eat it ou belhanaa welshefaaaa<3.


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